DoD: Project Salus Study & Covid Breakthrough Infections

It’s interesting to consider the DoD doing a study on breakthrough infections? Most people wouldn’t think to connect the Department of Defence and Health Care together, right?

However… there is a long history of cooperation/collusion?

Between the FDA and the DoD
DoD and FDA have collaborated on medical product development priorities to treat the unique needs of the warfighter since the original 1964 MOU between the Parties.

Then when one considers the CDC was developed as a adjunct of the US Military

One begins to understand the ties that bind the military to both the FDA and the CDC.

Getting back to Project Salus:

The sad death of Colin Powell should bring much needed attention to the phenomenon of breakthrough COVID infections of the fully vaccinated. You can choose to believe the establishment that breakthrough infections are nothing to worry about. Or you can choose to believe that they are just a minor inconvenience because COVID vaccines are not and cannot be 100% effective. Or you can consider real-world data that show how serious breakthrough infections really are.

Fully Vaxxed Colin Powell Dies of Covid?

Department of Defense study

A recent release of data from an important study by the Department of Defense merits very serious attention. It is called the Project Salus study. One indication of how important the data are is that the official website giving the data was taken down. But it is available on this site. A logical interpretation is that the federal agencies running the pandemic, namely the NIH, CDC, and FDA, were upset with the data (I am about to give you). Why? It is because the data undercuts the establishment’s argument …

That’s all I can read, but, based on what can be gleaned from the Salus Study.. Mr Hirschorn was most likely going to suggest that the data does not back up establishment claims..

You can find the study here

Medicare recipients- from the period of Jan 01/ 21 thru to August 21/21

The January date start time will skew the breakthrough numbers automatically because very few were vaccinated at that time. Though there were breakthrough cases already occurring in that small population

As “delta” became the main variant in circulation breakthrough cases increased. But was it really because of the delta variant? Or was it the inevitable result of a leaky vaccine generating variants while never having the ability to impede transmission in the first place? Or a bit of both?

Does advanced age explain the high rates of breakthrough cases?

The talking heads on the TV tell us this, but, is it accurate?

Nope, only a minor contributing factor

How good is natural immunity?

It has a MAJOR protective effect. Unsurprisingly

Did the vaccine reduce the necessity for ICU care?

It absolutely did NOT. In fact the number is, for all intents and purposes, identical to the ICU cases pre vaxx-

  • To summarize advanced age only has a minor contribution to loss of vaccine efficacy. Clearly the problem of diminishing efficacy lies with a leaky, questionable, rushed, forced vaccine
  • Vaccines do not block transmission or we wouldn’t be discussing breakthrough cases as they grow ever larger
  • Vaccines do absolutely nothing to reduce care in the ICU

Safe and effective?

I guess we should ask all the vaccine injured, disabled, paralyzed, heart damaged and the survivors of those who have died from the jab?

Canada’s Weekly Covid Vaccine Harm & Injury Report

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