On the road again!

Hey all

I’m moving over to a new site. All of my own. This one will be here for a while but this is the last post for this blog.

After what happened over at google, I figured it would be an inevitability here as well.

So come on by. My site. It’s bare bones right now, but, I’ll get there

Thanks for your patience. Thanks for sticking with me. I’m truly thinking this is the better way to go.


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Eventually I will have a way to follow by email. At least I hope to?
So those that follow me that way, just bear with me okay?
And know that your patience is greatly appreciated

Hi Penny – I’ve come to your space via Scott’s NomadicEveryman, thank you for alerting us to your new home. Anyone who’s been targeted as you have is OK in my book! Looking forward to your postings, Cheers!

Hi John
thanks for stopping by. And thanks for the okay as well.
It was a shock to have the blog dumped the way it was. I requested 3 reviews and never got any response- clearly there was no getting the blog back in its public form. Fortunately I can access the info there still

Cheers to you as well 🙂

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