Anti Mandate Protesting: It’s on!

Today I went by a protest on public property in front of Brock University. It was not at the main entrance as our lying media claimed. It was on the public sidewalk well away from the “main entrance”

Welland Tribune

The relatively frequent sound of supportive car horns. Indeed. My car horn joined the cacophony so excited it was to be amongst it kith and kin (friends and relatives)

As I was making my way to my destination a pick up truck zoomed by me with a large home made sign strapped into it’s box. Down with medical tyranny. Or something to that effect. I’ve seen other vehicles decked out with memes against medical tyranny out and about.

There is more opposition to vaccination mandates then the media would like us all to realize.

Another in Toronto

COVID-19 vaccine mandate sparks silent protest at Queen’s Park by group of first responders

“I am not going to stand here and talk about science because I’m not a scientist, I’m not a politician, I’m just an average Canadian that is a first responder,” Michael Spadafora, who identified himself as an emergency services worker for the City of Toronto, told Global News Monday afternoon.

Spadafora was one of those who stood in a formation on the south lawn of the Ontario legislature at around lunchtime. Except for the odd vehicle horn or supporters having the occasional conversation or recording a social media video, the sound of a news helicopter filled the grounds of Queen’s Park during the demonstration for several minutes.

For nearly an hour the group mostly stood in silence, holding signs with phrases such as, “Frontline for freedom of choice,” “First responders for no mandate,” and “Toronto stands with Calgary” (first responders in that city held protests over vaccine mandates).

While the group of workers stood in silence, a smaller group of people stood in front to show their support. At times during the demonstration, cards were circulated among those watching, asking if they will “stand” with police. Another card said, “When tyranny becomes law, resistance becomes duty.” It wasn’t clear if the smaller group was formally affiliated with the group of first responders.

Speaking after the demonstration, Spadafora insisted he and others in the group of first responders were at Queen’s Park to call for being given the freedom of choice and to protect the rights of everyone.

He said after starting a small support group for people who were concerned about vaccine mandates, he’s heard from colleagues who have been “harassed and victimized” — noting some have expressed thoughts “on the edge of suicide.”

“What they want to do is victimize us by calling us anti-vaxxers or whatnot, or conspiracy theorists, we are not because any one of us will do what we can to protect your life. And this whole time we have been working since day one during this pandemic,” he said, adding he’s not a COVID-19 “denier.”

“Personally people have told me that I’m going to kill people, and I was saving people’s lives a year ago and we were the heroes.”

The demonization of those with different opinions, views and choices is despicable- name calling is the prime propaganda weapon wielded dangerously, freely and without morality by our western media. We’ve been here before.. You may think my claim is overly dramatic, yet discrimination and recrimination begin somewhere. Most often it’s government and media working hand in glove.

Remember Rwanda and the massacre- Name calling played a huge role in that slaughter.

Propaganda in the Rwandan Genocide

*Constructing a Rhetoric of “Us” versus “Them”

*Exploiting Division With Hate Speech Propaganda

One wonders how ugly this is going to get. Will the always manipulating media have yet more blood on it’s hands?

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Good job Penny. These people who lob insults, how often do “anti-vaxers” call them names for doing something as reckless as accepting experimental gene therapy or for subjecting their children to it? For enabling their own destruction and that of society? It going to be rough for a while. I wish you the best.

“anti-vaxxer” “anti masker” “anti science”
It’s all name calling all the time.
It will be rough for a while, yes, but as the situation worsens more of those that have cheered on the societal destruction will become aware. Especially as more double vaxxed get covid= realizing they’ve been sold a lie
Or if there are more lockdowns- despite the massive numbers of vaxxed = more lies
and as vaccine injuries increase= then many of those that complied will realize they have been duped

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