9/11 Trade Tower Destruction “Witch’s Brew” Births Covid Fatalities

Related to 9/11 and Covid- My report from April 18/2020. There is a certain commonality between these two occurrences.

One being the inducement of traumatizing fear on the masses.

Two being the media manipulation.

Three being profiteering agendas.

Four, the loss of freedoms.

Fifth, the lying officials and authority figures

Given more time I’d surely come up with yet more common themes

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Covid and the Big Apple

Not sure if the links outbound are viable? I’m going to try to salvage some at then end of this report

20 years later the connections have become undeniable

As the chickens came home to roost

What toxins were in those dust plumes- Which became embedded in the lungs of at least 500,000 New Yorkers. Likely more.

References, some are no longer viable

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