Pushing Jabs By Spinning Away Breakthrough Covid

I’m using “spinning” in this manner:

“To present, describe, or interpret, or to introduce a bias or slant so as to give something a favorable or advantageous appearance that does not exist in reality.

Clearly covid vaccine breakthrough cases are on the rise. And the media is engaging in ever more desperate attempts to spin this fact away. Reality. So inconvenient to liars and big pharma profiteers.

In a previous post the spin on these vaccinations allegedly reducing long covid was touched on.

Covid: The Always Moving Goal Posts
The latest: How Some States Report Breakthrough COVID-19 Hospitalizations May be Misleading, Experts Warn

“Experts Warn” Appeal to authority rather then fact.

“Amid growing reports of breakthrough COVID-19 infections among vaccinated people, News4 found inconsistencies in how states track whether these people are subsequently hospitalized because of the coronavirus or something else.”

Fact- Growing reports of breakthrough cases due to their being increased breakthrough cases

“some states don’t distinguish between the number of people hospitalized due to COVID-19 and those hospitalized for another condition but who also test positive for the virus around the same time — a problem some health experts say can undermine confidence in life-saving vaccines”

Reality Check: Was a distinction drawn when people went into hospital for other conditions, incidentally testing poistive for Covid, when the idea of a pandemic was being propagated? No. The distinction was never drawn. Because it was not beneficial to the agenda at that time.

“What it does is it makes people think that this vaccine isn’t working, which may make them only all the more resistant to getting vaccinated,” said Dr. Paul Offit”

Fact: The vaccine isn’t working. It cannot stop the spread of this virus because it was never created for that purpose. Nor can it prevent hospitalization and death. So the correct conclusion is that the vaccine is not working. Or these people, regardless of their reason for being hospitalized would not test positive for Covid-19. Wouldn’t be in hospital and wouldn’t be dying from/with Covid

Offit wants to cherry pick data describing a breakthrough case as “ only when a vaccinated person later becomes hospitalized due to a COVID-19 infection”

A breakthrough case is when someone contracts or is sickened by the virus the vaccine is supposed to protect them against. Hospitalized or not.

40 percent of August Covid deaths are in fully vaccinated persons- Saskatchewan, Canada

“In August, 22 people died after contracting COVID-19. Twelve of those deaths were among people who were unvaccinated or had received their first dose less than three weeks before dying
One person who died received their first dose one week before their death. ..”

The stats aren’t broken down between unvaccinated and single dose. I find that to be another obfuscation because one vaccination was supposed to confer some level of protection.

The other nine people — 40 per cent of last month’s deaths — were among those who were fully vaccinated.

40 percent of Saskatchewan’s covid deaths were fully vaccinated.

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