Canada Divided: Trudeau’s Identity Politics Succeeded

Been following the election happenings here in Canada. And the division has never been more obvious. That’s due to it being nurtured so well by the Justin Trudeau. Below is a screen shot from my prior residence.. Notice the residential school topic has dropped right off the radar? As soon as Trudeau announced the election was on.

He has been the poster boy for identity politics with his endless virtue signalling since his 2015 campaign

The goal of identity politics is to divide. Whatever good may have been hoped for once exploited it will lead to the demise of cohesion in a society along with an inevitable fracturing.

Trudeau’s been railing about “anti vaxxers”- He sees “anti vaxxers” everywhere he goes. In presenting those who are protesting the loss of freedoms as those who should be reviled he sows yet more division in Canada.

This is “woke” at it’s most toxic. Where the real issues; lack of personal freedom, low wages, edu-indoctrination, lack of real opportunities for advancement or meaningful work, societal despair, the issues that affect us all are not even touched upon.

As the ever divided populace is pitted one against the other.

This is what Canada has become under Trudeau. As was written in early July has played out all through this insane campaign of Trudeau’s Liberals.

O’Toole isn’t any better, sadly. Singh is worse still.

It’s all been so predictable and so discouraging.

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