Reported Side Effects After Covid Vaxx Canada- Efficacy Wanes and More

In the last report we took note of the name change on the official website.
This week we should all notice yet another change has taken place in the way the information is presented to interested parties.

Pay particular attention to how the numbers for Thrombosis with Thrombocytopenia, Myocarditis/Pericarditis, Capillary Leak Syndrome, Guillaine Barre Syndrome and Deaths require more effort to view. These numbers are now only accessible via a drop down menu Previously they were just contained in paragraphs within the report, requiring no extra effort to obtain the information. Knowing how people read, this serves to obfuscate the ever increasing harms caused by the gene therapy.

the url still says vaccine safety but it all about side effects, harm and deaths

  • Up to and including August 13, 2021, there were 78 confirmed cases of TTS reported in Canada.

This case number has increased from the high of last week which stood at 72. Another six cases and the media takes no notice.

  • Up to and including August 13, 2021, there were 485 confirmed cases of myocarditis/pericarditis reported in Canada. Of the myocarditis/pericarditis cases

Increased numbers from the previous case high of 423. And the media takes no notice of this increase in harm.

  • Up to and including August 13, 2021, two cases of capillary leak syndrome have been reported in Canada.

Stayed the same

  • Up to and including August 13, 2021, there are a total of 64 confirmed cases of GBS in Canada.

An increase from last weeks high of 58 and the media stays on message.. One which is really about pushing coercion and coercive measures.

  • Up to and including August 13, 2021, a total of 173 deaths were reported after the administration of a vaccine.

Yet another increase in the death count from 169 (which is grossly inaccurate anyway)

Open VAERS- Deaths stand at 13, 068

Knowing the US death count is undoubtedly low- tells me that Canada’s death count, officially cannot be close to realistic.

We also know that none of these figures are accurate or truly representative of the actual harm done by the vaccines. As is plainly stated on the site:

The data presented in this report are estimates and may not accurately represent national COVID-19 vaccine adverse events for the following reasons:

There may be delays in receiving reporting forms and processing reporting forms which may contribute to variations in the amount of reports presented weekly.
Information is collected on individuals for whom an report was submitted, not on the total number of individuals who experience an adverse event as not every adverse event is reported.

As we can see for ourselves data continues to lag. And is actually up to date to July 23/21

Also take note that cases of Bell’s Palsy/Facial Paralysis have increased quite a bit! 355 cases of Bell’s Palsy/Facial Paralysis- all directly connected to the vaccine!
Earlier we discussed the very real fact that vaccine efficacy wanes within 6 months.
Does the FDA think these data justify full approval of Covid Vaxx?

Within six months informs us that efficacy can wane immediately or may be around as long as six months- We also know that in that time frame efficacy falls to low for this vaccine to have been granted FDA approval


“The debate between whether the infections are related to the timing of the vaccine versus whether the vaccine provides robust protection is “the million-dollar question,” though evidence over the past several weeks shows there is, in fact, waning immunity.”

And all this surprise about the vaccine efficacy? Really? Particularly in older people? Should have been no surprise at all!

Heading back to my former place of residence- 😉

Friday, June 26, 2020- Covid 19(84) Vaccine Not Likely To be Effective In Older Persons According to Experts

Yes, that’s more then a year ago.. known.

Lisa Shaw: Radio host died due to rare complications of AstraZeneca vaccine, inquest told

The only conclusion that can be drawn from the entire pandemic experiment, if you want one take away… we’ve been used and abused.

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