Cloth & Surgical Masks ONLY 10% Effective

From the University of Waterloo

The authors are still spinning the value of the n-95 masks, but, bottom line.. They are verfiying what was already known and long, historically established the cloth and surgical masks are NOT effective.

An alarming new study by the University of Waterloo in Canada has found that cloth and surgical masks are only 10% effective in protecting the wearer from aerosols dispersed by COVID-19 infected people, Daily Mail reported on Saturday.

The new study found that common masks are not as effective, primarily due to problems with their fit. Resultantly, they are only able to filter out 10% of exhaled aerosol droplets. The remaining droplets escape out the top of the mask where it fits over the nose, and into the air, unfiltered.

Choosing to opt for plain language the masks DON’T work to protect you as you inhale.

Nor do they protect others as you exhale

University of Waterloo made a handy little video- Looking at the surgical mask visualization it looks to me as if the mask is allowing/guiding droplets in a multi directional fashion (compared to a naked nose)

Check it out. Tell me what you think? And please share this info!

100 percent of mask wearers have been wearing cloth and surgical masks, falsely believing they actually work. All this time wearers have had a false sense of security. Bolstered by the media and political classes. Many of us already knew this. Others wanted to continue slurping up that kool aid.

slurp, slurp, slurp…

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I have brought up this several times around my circles, but it seems that the placebo of having a mask is good enough for them if it makes them feel having less anxiety. I mean sure less anxiety is less stress, but if you know a bit about airborne particles it won’t actually help that much as in preventing and people who know that just have to trust their body.

But because of the side-effect that the person is having less anxiety due to the mask, they have less stress and thus the body is able to handle the virus better. therefor the falsehood grows that the mask helps stopping the virus.

Makes me wonder how many of illnesses are really just due to anxiety/stress etc.

Hey Kaz:
“Makes me wonder how many of illnesses are really just due to anxiety/stress etc.”

Interesting. When you think about the hyped pandemic and the fall out from all the stress/anxiety a good case could be made that there is a connection.

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