About PFYT2

Or pennyforyourthoughts2?

Would you believe it was the ‘long and winding road’ that finally brought me here?

Seriously though, it was a rather serendipitous series of events that saw me jump with both feet landing firmly in a place of my own.

Why would I use choose the the word ‘serendipitous‘? After all the super censors of the internet disappeared more then a decade of solid work/research. Seems an odd choice of words when serendipitous is usually associated with positive developments, right? Yes, indeed!

I am viewing this move as a positive development. Therefore, serendipitous it is!

For more insight.- Serendipity as chaos or discovery

An update for readers- You, yes you, can follow along with new posts or comments. Just check the box below the reply box featured with every report. It’s that easy! The choice is yours.

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