Western Intelligence Services Activate their Dagestan Assets

I don’t doubt this for a moment- Looking at the incidents and victims

Orthodox Priest murdered, Two Orthodox Churches attacked- Attack on Russian society

Police officers- Attack on the safety and security of the population

Attack on a Synagogue- Play the antisemite card

Mostly police officers were killed in Dagestan

Monday following a rampage by (western backed intelligence assets) Islamic militants who killed 19 people, most of them police, and attacked houses of worship in apparently coordinated assaults in two cities.

Dagestan Gov. Sergei Melikov blamed members of Islamic “sleeper cells” directed from abroad, but didn’t give any other details. He said in a video statement that the assailants aimed at “sowing panic and fear,”

Of the 19 people killed, 15 were police.

Among the dead was the Rev. Nikolai Kotelnikov, a 66-year-old Russian Orthodox priest at a church in Derbent.

The Kele-Numaz synagogue in Derbent also was set ablaze.

This morning, Dagestan Head Sergey Melikov said that “the anti-terrorist operation has ended,” with six terrorists killed, while more accomplices and participants are being sought. Meanwhile, the counter-terrorism operation regime (KTO)[*] remains in place.

The unknown gunmen, thought to be linked to the Islamic State (IS) group, opened fire with automatic weapons on both the churches and the synagogue. In the latter case, they set the building on fire shouting “Allah is great!”.

Another group of terrorists attacked a traffic police station, while another incident involving a police car was reported in Sertokala, a village near Derbent.

Latest news has the number of dead at 20

Asymmetric warfare

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I heard, I think on CTV that two of the terrorist deceased were sons of a prominent local opposition politician. The father was subsequently arrested. This of course does not rile out that they were part of a western controlled sleeper cell.
This can only presage even more escalation. I doubt Russian “spirit” will be anything but inflamed by such terrorist attacks.

At my old site- I’d written on this topic a number of times. it’s tied to pipeline control- Found something from a couple of years ago that jibes with what I know-meanwhile I’ll take some time and dig through the archives of my former site
thanks for stopping by Mark!

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