US Cease fire Veto/Steps up Arms Sales to Israel-Putin, Netanyahu talk….

Did anyone really expect the US to do anything else? Seriously?
Veto the cease fire resolution and increase the killing capabilities of Israel- It’s typical US imperial military industrial complex led policy.

As stated the other day

Doubtful much will come of this, unless the US gets on board with the idea of ceasefire and backs it up by forcing Israel’s hand, somehow?

Israel steps up offensive as US approves more arms sales

Heavy fighting raged overnight and into Sunday across Gaza, including in the devastated north, as Israel pressed ahead with its offensive after the U.S. blocked the latest international push for a cease-fire and rushed more munitions to its close ally.

Israel has faced rising international outrage and calls for a permanent cease-fire after the killing of thousands (tens of thousands) of Palestinian civilians. Nearly 85% of Gaza’s 2.3 million people have been displaced within the besieged territory, where U.N. agencies say there is no safe place to flee.

The United States has lent vital support to the offensive once again in recent days, by vetoing United Nations Security Council efforts to end the fighting that enjoyed wide international support, and by pushing through an emergency sale of over $100 million worth of tank ammunition to Israel.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu thanked U.S. President Joe Biden for the “important ammunition for the continuation of the war,” and for supporting Israel at the Security Council.

Lavrov- Hamas Attacks Do not Justify Israel’s Collective Punishment of Palestinians

MOSCOW – Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov on Sunday said it was not acceptable for Israel to use Hamas’ terror attack on Oct. 7 as justification for the collective punishment of the Palestinian people, and called for international monitoring on the ground in Gaza.

Multiple sources are reporting a Netanyahu/ Putin phone call taking place- No details provided.

Other than a minimal amount of Netanyahu tough guy ta

It seems Israel may have staged a new propaganda psyop

Video reportedly shows Israeli forces directing unarmed Gazan civilians to stage gun surrender

A video reportedly shows Israeli soldiers instructing unarmed Palestinian civilians to simulate the surrender of firearms. In the footage, an Israeli soldier is heard giving directions in Arabic: ‘Grab the gun I gave you, but don’t shoot it, we don’t want trouble, walk slowly and leave it on the ground on the other side.’ The man identified in the video is Moin Qeshta Al-Masry, owner of an aluminium workshop in Gaza. Al-Masry was among those who sought refuge in Al-Khalifa school in Beit Lahia and was reportedly taken along with others.

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