Will the Gaza War End With a Coup?

Understanding that Netanyahu is wildly unpopular in Israel.. Noticing that the US appears to be distancing themselves from the mass killing ongoing… let’s read this oped

The Gaza war may end in a coup

Many anticipated that Operation Al-Aqsa Flood, carried out by Hamas on October 7, would incite a regional revolution. This military, political, and social strike, which shook Israel to its core, has since become the focal point of global attention.

However, amid the chaos of the ongoing Gaza war, and its looming aftermath, lies a key aspect that demands recognition: the long-neglected Palestinian issue has resurfaced and taken a prominent position on the international agenda. The atrocities witnessed in this war will undoubtedly pave the way for potential changes, challenging the current political climate, and prompting serious efforts in search of a viable solution for the Palestinian problem.

The extreme views held by the parties within Benjamin Netanyahu’s government will inevitably be ousted from the serious political discourse in Israel. Despite the current climate of anger, and dwindling sense of security within Israeli society, as well as a decline in faith in the army, Israel will eventually be compelled to embark on new, more productive routes toward a political solution.

This shift will undoubtedly take time and will not happen without challenges for Israeli society, as it comes to terms with the notion that lasting stability necessitates a balanced negotiation with the Palestinian side. At the very least, this will require a return to the concept of land for peace and a renewed commitment to the two-state solution. It is clear that both the Israeli and Palestinian sides will be faced with the task of justifying their respective approaches.

A significant shift is also expected to occur on the Palestinian front. Following the destructive events of the Gaza war, and with the implementation of a ceasefire and the safe release of all hostages, there may be an opportunity for a resolution to be reached with the support of Arab and international powers. This could involve removing the leaders of Hamas, Islamic Jihad, and other influential factions from Gaza, distributing them among various Arab nations. Such a move would be considered a major coup and could potentially pave the way for a more stable and peaceful future for both sides involved.

The idea of a political solution to end the ongoing conflict between Israel and Gaza is gaining traction in major Western and Arab capitals, including Moscow and possibly even Beijing. The aim is to establish a balanced environment and protect the interests of international powers, with the ultimate goal of preventing any future wars.

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