Ukraine receives potentially game-changing long-range US missiles


Ukraine has finally received long-range ATACMS missiles from the United States and has begun deploying them against Russian targets, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy announced on October 17. In his daily video address, Zelenskyy thanked the US directly for the precision weapons and quipped that Ukraine’s agreements with President Biden are being implemented “very accurately.” He then confirmed that the ATACMS missiles had already “proven themselves.”

Zelenskyy’s comments came following a series of powerful overnight airstrikes on Russian airbases in occupied southern and eastern Ukraine, which sparked a day of frenzied speculation over the possible unannounced delivery of ATACMS missiles to Ukraine. According to Ukrainian military officials, the attacks on Russian aircraft and ammunition depots close to the occupied Ukrainian cities of Berdyansk and Luhansk resulted in the destruction of nine Russian military helicopters and a range of other equipment.

News of the strikes sparked alarm in Russia, with one Russian military blogger describing the attacks as “one of the most serious blows” of the entire war. Meanwhile, the mood in Kyiv was jubilant. As is customary when Ukrainians are confronted with good news from the front lines of the war with Russia, ATACMS memes soon began springing up throughout the country’s lively social media ecosystem.

Ukrainian officials were quick to acknowledge the significance of this latest addition to the country’s expanding arsenal. “A new chapter of the war has (un)officially begun,” posted Ukrainian presidential advisor Mykhailo Podolyak. “There are no more safe places for Russian troops within the internationally recognized borders of Ukraine. This means that there is no possibility of retaining the south, Crimea, and the Black Sea Fleet in the medium term. The countdown has already begun.”


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Hi Penny,
Kyiv might be “jubilant” but their own soldiers don’t even believe their fanciful over the top propaganda any more, if they ever did. Zelensky would have been better advised to keep his mouth shut about ATACMS missiles to keep the Russians guessing so as to make the most of his window of opportunity with his new weapons. The Military Summary channel showed some before and after photos of the airfield and the runways appeared intact, There was evidence of four damaged helicopters.
Penny, kudos for persevering with calm rational discussion in these sad times, I am depressed into silence by what is going on in Gaza.

I’m following Military Summary all the time

“Penny, kudos for persevering with calm rational discussion in these sad times, I am depressed into silence by what is going on in Gaza.”

There is so much irrationality and blood lust on this topic, it’s over the top really. I see the Trudeau government is going to crack down (censor) “antisemitism” on line- I’m actually seeing much more Islamaphobia on line and many calls to just wipe out the people of Gaza, by, people I had believed to be more inclined to sensible, rational discourse.
Live and learn, I guess?
I hate the way civilians are used to further political agendas and am anti war/ pro diplomacy all the time- Finding people to willing to be divided rather than seeking that which unifies us.

Sadly Mark, I’m thinking things are going to get worse still.
Hope always to be wrong, but, think it’s going to be a long cold winter here in Canada and globally (particularly in the northern hemisphere)

Hi Penny:
If this is “game changer” number 23 for the Ukraine, how did the first 22 change the game?
If Russia downs one that is intact, they will take it apart to see how it works so that they can more easily shoot down or disable all of them. Electronic warfare (disrupting the missile’s guidance system) is a major part of Russia’s missile defence.
Russia already has the best missile defence system. That’s why Turkey bought S-400’s from Russia instead of Patriots from the US.
When will Ukraine run out of these new “game changers”?

Hey Gary!
Interesting you mentioned electronic warfare because there were reports of that being used over the Black Sea and one of the US drones being disabled. Didn’t catch it all, but, that’s what came to mind when I read your comment.
Also, there’s a battle being described as a ‘deal breaker’for Ukraine going on right now. Not even going to attempt to spell it- But Ukraine is throwing everything at it, even the kitchen sink…
Thanks for stopping by and sorry for the tardy response

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