Earth ‘well outside safe operating space for humanity’, scientists find

Love headlines like this! They are so fantastical. So over the top. How could we demonstrate this to be true, in reality. I mean this planet was previously over run with ice. At that time it was operating well outside of humanities safe space- But, that’s never mentioned

What also bothers me about these kinds of fear mongering articles is inevitably humanity is the problem. As if we are not part and parcel of this system- having sprung forth from it.

We are always presented as the other. We aren’t

The Guardian

The scientists said the “most worrying” finding was that all four of the biological boundaries, which cover the living world, were at, or close to, the highest risk level. The living world is particularly vital to the Earth as it provides resilience by compensating for some physical changes, for example, trees absorbing carbon dioxide pollution.

The planetary boundaries are not irreversible tipping points beyond which sudden and serious deterioration occurs, the scientists said. Instead, they are points after which the risks of fundamental changes in the Earth’s physical, biological and chemical life support systems rise significantly. The planetary boundaries were first devised in 2009 and updated in 2015, when only seven could be assessed.

Does the planet know it has these boundaries? No. These boundaries were created arbitrarily by interested parties with vested intersts to justify specific ideas and agendas.

Prof Johan Rockström, the then director of the Stockholm Resilience Centre who led the team that developed the boundaries framework, said: “Science and the world at large are really concerned over all the extreme climate events hitting societies across the planet. But what worries us, even more, is the rising signs of dwindling planetary resilience.”

Is science an entity, rather than a study. Is it a godhead?

Rockström, who is now joint director of Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research in Germany, said this failing resilience could make restricting global heating to the 1.5C climate goal impossible and could bring the world closer to real tipping points. Scientists said in September that the world was on the brink of multiple disastrous tipping points.

Prof Katherine Richardson, from the University of Copenhagen who led the analysis, said: “We know for certain that humanity can thrive under the conditions that have been here for 10,000 yearswe don’t know that we can thrive under major, dramatic alterations [and] humans impacts on the Earth system as a whole are increasing as we speak.”

She said the Earth could be thought of as a patient with very high blood pressure: “That does not indicate a certain heart attack, but it does greatly raise the risk.”

Really, high blood pressure? Why not a virus? Maybe the planet needs a vaccine?

Climate models have suggested the safe boundary for climate change was surpassed in the late 1980s. For freshwater, a new metric involving both water in lakes and rivers and in soil, showed this boundary was crossed in the early 20th century.

Climate models, generated by those with vested interests who are here to tell us what they want us to know or think. Does the Earth know their are climate models, modelling it’s behaviour. You know like crystal balls predicting the future of a huge planet, that is part of a huge system of planets that all interact with one another.

“The planetary boundaries are set using specific metrics, such as the level of CO2 in the atmosphere for climate change. The Earth’s systems are resilient to some level of change, so most of the boundaries have been set at a level higher than that which persisted over the last 10,000 years. For example, CO2 was at 280 parts per million until the industrial revolution but the planetary boundary is set at 350ppm.

Why 350 ppm? Isn’t that arbitrary. From what I’ve read its entirely likely earths carbon parts were higher than that previously? Does the earth tell the scientists to set these arbitrary levels?

Prof Simon Lewis, at University College London and not part of the study team, said:“The planetary boundaries concept is a heroic attempt to simplify the world, but it is probably too simplified to be of use in practically managing Earth,” he continued

Planetary boundaries is an arbitrary concept- to simplify a complex world that has no practical use. Being to simplistic.

Ya know, simple thoughts for simple minds? Don’t mistake me for someone who doesn’t care for the earth or pollution. That’s not the case at all. Nature guides my reasoning likely more than most. And the earth will do, what it will do. It will shake, rattle and role. And the heavens will rain down on us as they will- I’m not just talking water either. I’m talking asteroids and the like. And that reality makes clear the climate models are irrelevant.

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