But this work exposes much more than just RCMP failures-

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TORONTO, Sept. 12, 2023 /CNW/ – The HateGate Affair is a piece of investigative journalism. Documents obtained through Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy (FOIPOP) reveal shocking details about the RCMP investigation of JEREMY MACKENZIE and DIAGOLON during the Ottawa Freedom Convoy, which led to the invocation of the Emergencies Act.

Crier Media journalists Caryma Sa’d and Elisa Hategan examined 1000 pages of internal documents that show law enforcement relied on misleading information from the Canadian Anti-Hate Network.

Internal RCMP reports show information on DIAGOLON / Jeremy Mackenzie cannot be verified or corroborated: “The Canadian Anti-Hate Network (CAHN) is cited as the main authority on the group by all mainstream media outlets; due to the fact that all information traces back to one source, triangulation and the verification of facts is almost impossible at the current time.”

“DIAGOLON does not pose a criminal or national security threat.”
 – Royal Canadian Mounted Police

Highlights of THE HATEGATE AFFAIR investigation:

  • Former Public Safety Minister Marco Mendicino makes false and alarmist comments in a press conference; when pressed for details, he directs media to law enforcement, who scramble to produce evidence where there is none.
  • Canadian citizens’ private information shared with international spy agencies, even as internal reports circulate acknowledging there is no evidence of terrorist activity.
  • RCMP Intelligence Analysts took cues from anonymous Twitter trolls involved in criminal harassment.
  • RCMP officer tasked to produce key briefing for top officials to help government decision-making in only 15 minutes, leaving little time for actual research or analysis.
  • Canadian intelligence departments relying on CAHN as a single source that banks on the questionable judgement calls of inexperienced, ideologically-motivated activists with track record of cosplaying online as Nazis and Russian models to gather data and donations.
  • CAHN cloaks its researchers in anonymity and refuses to disclose their credentials, conflicts of interest or track record, even as they are widely quoted in the media as subject matter experts.
  • Feedback loop between law enforcement, government officials, and media resulted in poorly sourced information being repeated into fact.
  • No conclusive evidence that weapons cache in Coutts, Alberta relates to DIAGOLON / Jeremy MacKenzie.

Read the rest at the opening link- And keep in mind the men arrested in Coutts are still in prison. Canada’s exploitation/manipulation of the judicial system should be of great concern to Canadians. However, the creative fabrications of the main stream media impeded the flow of this information. And generate and alternative reality for the willfully blind in Canada


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