More People Dying In Canada- Excess deaths 15-20% Higher

The reasons are not clear. Or not yet clear. Or they don’t want to talk about the elephant in the room. The liberally jabbed.

Globe and Mail- sadly behind the paywall


Relevant information quoted from article

“COVID-19 case counts are down dramatically from a year ago”

“Estimated excess mortality dipped in January and February, but the latest 2023 figures indicate it is about 15 per cent to 20 per cent higher than it was in 2020 and 2021″

We absolutely need to know why we have historically high levels of death,” she said.”

Yes, we do! We absolutely need to know why we are having historically high levels of death- Way higher then should be!

Kim McGrail, a professor at the University of British Columbia’s Centre for Health Services and Policy Research, said she thinks of excess mortality as “an indication that there’s something happening that’s worth investigating,” but it doesn’t indicate what is actually happening or what to do about it.

Tara Moriarty is stuck on attributing these deaths to Covid. She’s best ignored. Excess deaths are occurring globally where mRNA jabs were used prolifically.

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I have the print version at home. Deaths are 15-20 percent higher than they should be and higher than during the pandemic. This should not be occurring at all. We should actually be having a lower death rate because, well ya know... pandemic.

The mouthpiece quoted for the article is Tara Moriarty- She’s a Covid hammer, hitting covid nails all the time- She’s biased and can’t or shouldn’t be expected to to give an objective or unprejudiced opinion. (I’ve come across her quite a few times pushing the official narrative and the jab)

She’s the cofounder of Covid-19 Resource Canada

Tara Moriarty is an infectious disease scientist and a co-founder of COVID-19 Resources Canada, a group aiming to tackle vaccine hesitancy and misinformation.

She’s prejudiced. Those of her ilk cannot be counted on to be dispassionate when their stated objective is to push vaccines and tackle what is labeled as misinformation. She’s one giant appeal to authority, logical fallacy.

Here’s what we know- Canadians are dying in excess. Canadians are dying at the rate of between 15-20 percent higher then would be expected.

The experimental jab needs to be looked at. As well as the pandemic measures including lockdowns, delayed medical treatment. Etc.

Moriarity has an agenda– So, her gibberish is not to be taken as truth or at face value. Regardless of her scienceness

We need unbiased science. We need facts. We need real objective research. Canadians are dying at an excessive rate- We need to find out why?

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this is a joke of a study-
Read the limitations


Our study has several limitations. First, there are plausible alternative explanations for the difference in excess death rates by political party affiliation beyond the explanatory role of vaccines discussed herein. Second, our mortality data, although detailed and recent, only included approximately 83.5% of deaths in the US and did not include cause of death. Although overall excess death patterns in our data are similar to those in other reliable sources, such as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention National Center for Health Statistics data, it is possible that the deaths that our study data did not include may disproportionately occur among individuals registered with a particular political party, potentially biasing our results. In addition, the completeness of our mortality data may vary across states or time, potentially biasing our estimates of excess death rates. Third, all excess death models rely on fundamentally untestable assumptions to construct the baseline number of deaths we would expect in the absence of the COVID-19 pandemic. Fourth, because we did not have information on individual vaccination status, analyses of the association between vaccination rates and excess deaths relied on county-level vaccination rates. Fifth, our study was based on data from 2 states with readily obtainable historical voter registration information (Florida and Ohio); hence, our results may not generalize to other states.

The conclusion can’t be taken seriously

Hi Penny,
“,,, talk about the elephant in the room. The liberally jabbed.”

If that was a deliberate pun as in, ‘ those the Liberals jabbed ‘,
hats off Penny. Ironic wordsmanship at it’s best. If not, doesn’t matter, I’m still chuckling.

I’m glad the accidental double entendre had you chuckling. 🙂
And yes the Liberally jabbed is suitable- and accurate too!

How long can talking heads- science poseurs ignore the jabs as a factor. It may not be the only factor, but, it has to be looked at seriously. I’m afraid, because of the pharma dollar influence, it won’t happen until enough people raise a stink, law suits, persons of ethics and the like.

Hey Penny: the very name Moriarity is an Irish joke. At least it was in my youth, and there’s a song about him on YouTube showing just how well he thought of himself.

When I was a kid, if somebody called you Moriarity, you knew they were saying you’re not too bright. Looks like it still runs in the Moriarity family.

You’re right: the injuries and deaths do need to be looked at seriously.

Hey Corrine!
Thanks for stopping by 🙂
I did not know Moriarty is an Irish joke!
Wonder if that’s why the name was used for Sherlock Holmes, nemesis, and criminal mastermind- Moriarty
And yes, someone needs to seriously look into what’s going on-

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