Mass evacuation ordered as Russian forces intensify offensive in Ukraine

Fox News

Ukrainian authorities have mandated the evacuation of nearly 12,000 civilians from 37 towns and villages in the Kharkiv region, as reports indicate that Russian forces are intensifying their efforts to breach the front lines.

Residents in the Kharkiv region have been directed to adhere to the evacuation order or sign a document acknowledging that they will remain at their own risk.

Ukrainian authorities ordered a mandatory evacuation Thursday of nearly 12,000 civilians from 37 towns and villages in the eastern Kharkiv region, where Russian forces reportedly are making a concerted effort to punch through the front line.

The local military administration in Kharkiv’s Kupiansk district said residents must comply with the evacuation order or sign a document saying they would stay at their own risk. Ukrainian Deputy Defense Minister Hanna Maliar had said the previous day that “the intensity of combat and enemy shelling is high” in the area.

Maliar said Russia “has formed an offensive group and is attempting to move forward” in the area in an effort to advance on the Ukrainian-held city of Kupiansk, an important rail junction.

It’s doubtful anyone who reads here was under the impression, spin aside, that Ukraine’s “counter offensive” was going well.

There is more coverage on this evacuation and advancement of Russian forces available from Military Summary.

It’s also being reported that Ukraine is not allowing 16-18 yr old males to leave the country. I’m sure rich, privileged minors will be able to leave, but, for the rest? This is bad. This is very bad.

Again, the question for the Ukrainian population is.. Why is Zelensky still in charge? Why hasn’t your own military rid themselves of him and get negotiating before this worsens. Zelensky has already sold Ukraine down the river and he will continue to do so, providing fodder to fulfill the western proxy role down to the last Ukrainian.

Had the agreement been signed in March of 22 there would have been more live Ukrainians, less destruction, less displaced persons and Ukraine wouldn’t have been as badly plundered by Western business interests. Maybe. Zelensky won his electoral position on a peace platform and he hasn’t lived up to that at all.

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I know that a lot of wording gets mangled in translation ( especially as performed by vaunted new AI ) often loosing nuance and context, but these pearls of wisdom from Polish Fuhrer Andrzej Duda, delivered for an uncaring American audience seem particularly cold and disparaging to Ukrainians.

Welcome to the world of “Realpolitik”, he sounds like Chancellor Bismark in an unguarded moment.

“It is very simple,” Duda said. “Right now, Russian imperialism can be stopped cheaply, because American soldiers are not dying.” Unless “Russian aggression” is halted now, “there will be a very high price to be paid,” the Polish president said.

Yes, he’s definitely saying it’s cheaper to have Ukrainians die for the cause- because Ukrainain lives are cheaper/worth less than Americans

I’m not shocked that these words would come from a Polish person, but, still, it just makes it so much more obvious that Ukrainians are expendable

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