Europe Must Lead Ukraine’s Reconstruction

  • The US, largely, incites the destruction of Ukraine
  • The EU, particularly Germany, is destroyed in the process
  • The EU should pay for Ukraine’s reconstruction
  • We break’em you fix’em!
Diplomatic Courier

Who should pay for Ukraine’s postwar reconstruction? Shortly after Russia’s invasion, my co-authors and I estimated that it would cost roughly €200-500 billion ($220-550 billion) to rebuild the country and called for Europe to spearhead the recovery effort. After more than 500 days of death and destruction, the projected costs have probably at least doubled. Consequently, the need for Europe to step up and assume responsibility has become increasingly urgent.

While the United States is also deeply invested in Ukraine’s future, as its massive economic and military support for the country has shown, there are several reasons why Europe must take the lead in coordinating and financing the country’s postwar recovery.

First, Europe’s interests are more closely aligned with Ukraine’s. ( Interesting, cause it certainly appears the US had very big interests of their own in Ukraine but, never mind) While the U.S. benefited enormously from the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989, European countries reaped far greater rewards. Similarly, Europe has more to lose from a return to the pre-war status quo, not to mention from the looming threat of nuclear escalation.

Second, Europeans must realize that even if U.S. military support for Europe and Ukraine remains intact following the 2024 presidential election—a big “if,” given the current state of U.S. politics—America’s enthusiasm for long-term financial support will likely fade, regardless of the outcome. Both Democrats and Republicans are increasingly embracing populist stances, and today’s populists focus mostly on domestic issues, with little concern for the rest of the world.

Third, the European Union has already granted Ukraine candidate status, thereby acknowledging that the country is an integral part of Europe and should be part of the bloc. Given that Ukraine will most likely require substantial technical assistance to improve its governance standards and meet the conditions for accession, the EU must do all it can to expedite this process.
Moreover, European countries have been free riding on America’s military expenditure for decades. The U.S. currently spends twice as much as EU member states on national defense as a share of GDP.

If the US could reduce its military budget to European levels, it would save roughly $400 billion annually. Conversely, if Europe raised spending to U.S. levels, it would be spending at least $300 billion per year more, easily enough to pay for reconstructing Ukraine and much more. This amount would more than cover the EU’s portion of Ukraine’s postwar reconstruction.

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One more thing… It’s Europe’s fault that Russia launched it’s SMO into Ukraine- Had you all bolstered your spending…..

Of course, we can only speculate whether Russian President Vladimir Putin would have refrained from attacking Ukraine had Europe bolstered its defensive capabilities

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Hi Penny,
Thanks for the linked article, I would never have seen it had you not chosen to inject some absurd humour into my day. Your cryptic analysis was spot on ! “We break’em you fix’em”. (ha)
It is telling that the author, apparently some forward thinking Harvard geo-political savant, neglected to mention that world leading US defense expenditures are largely wasted on more than 800 lonely and vulnerable foreign bases from which neo-colonial power can be exerted on largely unwilling host nations. That is the portion of the expenditure not wasted on internal graft, fraud and payoffs. And this for a stock pile of over priced and over hyped hardware that has largely proven to be remarkably combustible when tested in the real world conditions of the current conflict.
Russia will ‘foot the bill’ when it comes to reconstruction of the Donbass, Lugansk and Crimea where the most of the destruction occurred. They are part of Russia now and will remain that way. The cost will be onerous but will at least serve as a massive stimulus to the local economy.
As for what remains of western Ukraine it will limp forward as what it is a failed corrupt rump narco-state. It will receive minimal EU or US ‘humanitarian’ reconstruction assistance and most of that will disappear into the pockets of western and surviving Ukrainian oligarchs. The pitiful exodus of the Ukrainian people will continue much to the discomfort of the receiving nations.

The entirety of Ukraine is so pitiful. So easily preventable. And the US shows it’s arrogance yet again- I mean that piece was published in a serious forum
Today Zelensky says Russia’s going to have no more ships if they keep shooting.. Oh, really? Zelensky, Ukraine has lost 400,000 citizens in the fight- dead, unknown wounded, unknown displaced and this is what the idiots states?!

“”We don’t have as many weapons, but if they continue to shoot, they may be left without vessels by the end of the war,” Zelenskyy told Argentina’s La Nacion

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