Paul Sutton – The Woke-Trans War on the West

Interesting interview from Greg Moffit at Legalize Freedom

In the West, a social, political and intellectual conflict is now raging. The outcome of this conflict will decide whether our countries remain relatively peaceful, or if we’ll get political violence and civil war. One of the main pillars of this conflict is the trans agenda. The most terrifying aspect of trans-gender ideology is what should have prevented it achieving anything: a rejection of objective reality, replaced by so-called personal ‘truths’ and self-validation. Self-worship has triumphed – at least for the moment – over the building blocks of our culture and society: religion; philosophy; political plurality; artistic expression; science.

There are increasing numbers of dissidents against wokedom, but vastly outweighed by those who see nothing to gain from challenging this orthodoxy. Aside from those with an unshakable belief in objective truth, many actually don’t have much to gain. Yet belief in objective truth is essential in society. If objective reality continues to be rejected in favour of innumerable conflicting ‘personal truths’, then our society will not survive.

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Hi Penny: I think that, when Gay people have felt called-upon to come out against what really amounts to the sexual indoctrination of children, there is something deeply political going on, most likely aimed at keeping citizens at one another’s throats rather than at Trudeau’s own throat. This is very useful to help bring about the “New World Order” where “you will own nothing and be happy” and it’s why Trudeau is always happy to turn up at “woke” events. (It may also say something about his own proclivities and the failure of his own marriage — or the success of it, maybe, in that his wife was his beard as long as she was needed, and now she can walk away a wealthy woman.)

Hey Corinne!
” there is something deeply political going on, most likely aimed at keeping citizens at one another’s throats”
rather than at Trudeaus’ throat – yes. Keeping us all fighting , yes
I also think this is a societal ending agenda… There are some that think this will take us into civil war- so I can really understand/see how this can make this over into a you’ll own nothing, have no one and be happy scenario
As for Trudeau and Sophie- She can walk away wealthy and get wealthier yet, give she’s got that new communications company under her belt!

Hi Gallier2
While I’ve not read this piece, you and I are on the same page in that wokeness is a symptom of profound degradation in western society.

It’s a decaying and decadent society- no focus, skewed priorities and so many other issues- Yikes, look forward to the read

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