Military Summary: Russian Breakthrough, Belarus Is Preparing For War

Russian forces have continued to strike Odessa- I don’t think Russia struck the church in Odessa- It seems it was air defense that failed. If a missile would have struck the Orthodox Church it would have been flattened. Completely. And there would have been a hole in the ground. At least that’s my thinking.

Western media is acknowledging that the “counter offensive” is going badly. Ukraine is sustaining real human losses. I’ve heard the number 25,000 to 26,000 dead in this latest. Considering the numbers of those killed have already ranged between 300-350,000. The additional dead push this number ever higher. This is a tragedy. That never had to occur. Sigh.. Stick to already signed agreements (Minsk)- Follow through on the ones that were nearly completed in March 2022. Getting them signed and sticking to them. But, no… The US would have none of it. They are happy to use the Ukrainians. And Zelensky is happy to see them used.

And now we may be looking at Belarus and Poland squaring off in western Ukraine.

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Hi Penny:
I agree with you, the Minsk agreement should have been followed to prevent this tragedy for the Ukrainian people. Too bad it was never intended to be followed. The Ukrainians were brainwashed to go to fight and die for their country, but in reality for nothing.
They are no dumber than Canadians going to fight and die for Canada. I consider Canada’s not worth my dying for it.

“I consider Canada’s not worth my dying for it.”
Sad but more true everyday. It is a betrayal of well intentioned idealistic nationalism of the First and Second world war generations.
Until foreign armies invade our heartland ( from the South ? ),fighting for Canada is fighting for Globalism, social engineering and the Great Reset.

I know the intention was to break the agreement. The Ukrainians could have and should have stuck to the agreement. What is occurring is so much worse. So awful.

According to Scott Ritter in this video

He notes,
– Ukraine’s army will be unable to keep position, this will cause territory loss and possibly create a new refugee stream.
– Poland can’t afford to house more refugees and thus want to go into West Ukraine to create a safe-zone.
– Poland is also already quite invested in manpower in Ukraine, Scott Ritter relays that the Russians notice a lot a radio traffic in Polish.
– Wagner will move in W-Ukraine the moment Poland steps in.

Penny, remember how close at the beginning of the escalation of this. I wrote something like “This approach of EU/USA will only cause the Russian Warmachine the improve”. Well I am afraid we are there now.

At the rate of how things are going. Its not looking good for EU.

It looks as if Wagner and Poland may square off in Western Ukraine-
the safe zone is interesting- and yah, Poland is stuffed to the gills with refugees and no matter what western media claims- this is not a happy situation
there is animosity between the Poles and Ukrainians

I understand where your coming from because it appears Russia is holding stronger than the west had likely anticipated- and it appears their war machine is improving..
It hasn’t been looking good for the EU for a while now…
I’m going to listen to Ritter, thanks!

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