3 Nights of Strikes on Odessa & other seaports

There is quite a bit of over the top rhetoric- Like “Russia is going to starve the world again” CEPAThe Center for European Policy Analysis (CEPA) is a nonprofit, nonpartisan, public policy institution based in Washington DC, focused on strengthening the transatlantic alliance through cutting-edge research, analysis, and programsAn Atlantacist NGO, so you know there will be slant, bias, rhetoric used to inflame and deceive. However, based on how little grain was actually cleared it’s not likely the world will starve. Of course no mention of the impediments to Russian grain shipments- never mind

Only 1.3 million cubic tons of Ukrainian grain were exported in May, and less than two ships a day were cleared in early June, compared to 10 daily last September

Now Russia has declared that it is exiting the deal and, further, that every merchant ship going to Ukrainian ports will be considered a potential carrier of military cargo (and hence a legitimate target).

Russia has put forward demands to salvage the deal, but they are self-serving and potentially deeply damaging to the democratic world’s sanctions regime.

Which implies that the claimed democratic nations of the West have been impeding any hope of salvaging this deal and getting grain out to all the starving people of the world. That’s because they are looking to force the hand of other nations. Other nations that have been reluctant to jump aboard the sanctions train.

The response should involve a wider international coalition, including non-Western states. This requires that, first and foremost, countries dependent on Ukrainian grain — but often neutral on the war — finally join forces to hold Russia accountable for its actions against global human security and justice.

Oh my goodness the spin is just over the top! Never any talk from the west about diplomacy. Just more war.

Russian ‘retaliatory’ air attacks in southern Ukraine, port cities continue for a third night

Russia pounded Ukraine’s southern cities with drones and missiles for a third consecutive night Thursday, keeping Odesa in the Kremlin’s crosshairs

Russia has targeted Ukrainian critical grain export infrastructure since it vowed “retribution” this week for an attack that damaged a crucial bridge between Russia and the Moscow-annexed Crimean Peninsula.

The Russian Defence Ministry said in a statement that it targeted “production shops and storage sites for unmanned boats” in Odesa and the nearby city of Chornomorsk. In the Mykolaiv area, the Russian military claimed to have destroyed Ukraine’s fuel infrastructure facilities and ammunition depots.

Neither sides’ claims could be independently verified.

The US is pushing this conflict further along into a potentially catastrophic direction- This could have been settled up, diplomatically, last year in March. Save for US meddling.

-Russia is saying the grain deal can be restarted as long as the Ukraine and US start holding up their agreements I’m not getting the impression the US is interested in the grain deal working as it should. Since they never have.

I opted to spell Odessa with two SS’s today- Sometimes it’s shown with one and other times two. Not exactly sure why?

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Hi ya Penny,
Apparently 97% of Ukrainian grain was being sold to EU countries at preferential subsidized prices causing other grain producing EU countries like Poland, Bulgaria, Romania and Spain to complain about loosing business and becoming noncompetitive. The Ukraine was not selflessly feeding the starving masses of the global south. The Ukrainian grain shipments were providing cover activity for Ukrainian naval operations. Western sanctions still interfered with sales of Russian grain and fertilizer contrary to the provisions of the supposed deal.
Putin does not want to destroy Odessa, it is considered a culturally valuable and venerable Russian city. But now the port facilities must burn, all for an improbable western imperialistic neo – con / globalist attempt to dismember the Russian Federation.
Russian nationalism and cultural identity threatens those twisted ideologues who dream of a technocratic, AI driven, pharmaceutically depopulated one world autocracy.

Hi Mark

I did cover the news of Ukraine undercutting the other grain exporting countries and their frustration with the free ride Ukraine was getting. Including Poland.
Russia has had long standing issues with the trade deal
And yet the western media is and NoGood Organizations are spinning this off in an entirely different direction.

I do not believe Russia wants to destroy Odessa and from what I can understand there is one untouched port that can be used still should the grain deal be restarted.

The trouble is that the US/UK don’t want this they really don’t- As for Canada well, our gov will go along. As always…sigh

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