The Big Guy Disappoints Zelensky

The “Big guy” is a reference to Joe Biden

Zelensky is disappointed

Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelenskyy has criticised the “absurd” absence of a timetable for his country to join Nato as leaders met at a summit in Lithuania.

President Joe Biden described the Nato gathering as a “historic moment” and said the US agreed with a proposal, yet to be released publicly, to outline a path for Ukraine’s eventual membership.

However, Mr Zelenskyy, who was on his way to Vilnius to join the summit, expressed disappointment at how the negotiations were playing out.

“We value our allies,” he wrote on Twitter but added that “Ukraine also deserves respect”.

“It’s unprecedented and absurd when time frame is not set neither for the invitation nor for Ukraine’s membership,” Mr Zelenskyy said. He added: “Uncertainty is weakness. And I will openly discuss this at the summit.”

A public flash of anger from the Ukrainian leader, who has been hailed by the West as a hero for his leadership during the Russian invasion, could renew tensions in Vilnius just as they had begun to subside.

When I have a bit more time I’ll get to Turkey’s stance regarding Sweden’s admission into NATO

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Hi Penny: It’s been my understanding that Ukraine houses biolabs that NATO members can’t be seen to support. Russia wants the labs gone and won’t let up on that. The little comedian knows all this so what little game is he playing now? Maybe he wants an excuse to cooperate with Putin? An offer from the Kremlin that he can’t refuse? If only …

thanks for that comment Corrine
I don’t trust Zelensky at all- I’m still wondering if there is going to be some sort of settlement?
Time will tell

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