Viral Vaccine Paper- Batch Dependent Adverse Reactions

Begs the question of how much or what types of experimenting were going on within this mass experimentation.

71% of the suspected adverse reactions occurred in 4.2% of the vaccine batches

Batch-dependent safety of the BNT162b2 mRNA COVID-19 vaccine

The observed variation in SAE rates and seriousness between BTN162b2 vaccine batches in this nationwide study was contrary to the expected homogenous rate and distribution of SAEs between batches.

Numbers of suspected adverse events (SAEs) after BNT612b2 mRNA vaccination in Denmark (27 December 2020–11 January 2022) according to the number of doses per vaccine batch. Each dot represents a single vaccine batch. Trendlines are linear regression lines. Blue: R2 = 0.78, β = 0.0898 (95% confidence interval [CI] 0.0514–0.1281), green: R2 = 0.89, β = 0.0025 (95% CI 0.0021–0.0029), yellow: R2 = 0.68, β = 0.000087 (95% CI 0.000056–0.000118). Vaccine batches representing the blue, green and yellow trendlines comprised 4.22%, 63.69% and 32.09% of all vaccine doses, respectively, with 70.78%, 27.49% and 47.15% (blue trendline), 28.84%, 71.50% and 51.99% (green trendline), and 0.38%, 1.01%, and 0.86% (yellow trendline) of all SAEs, serious SAEs, and SAE-related deaths, respectively.

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