Ukraine Attempting a Nuclear Escalation at ZNPP?

As discussed in my previous report..

The conflict is not going well for Ukraine- Are they desperate enough to try some limited attack on the power plant. One that is calculated to cause just enough of a radiation leak… One that would draw NATO forces from Poland and the Baltic states onto the battlefield

There are some very concerning reports from some reputable twitter accounts

I gotta hope the cocaine has not addled Zelensky’s brain too much.

Tomorrow is the 5th. That day was mentioned in my previous post as the day for a potential mishap? Accident? Reread my article from a couple of days ago.


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I woke up with great apprehension today almost too scared to look at Dima@MS and see if the ZNPP was still intact. Thankfully the sky is still
blue and the birds and still singing while millions still feel the cold grip of fear. This nuclear blackmail is the worst kind of brinkmanship. I wonder how many people in Eastern Europe had a good nights sleep.
Here is the soundtrack….(2:47)

Hi Mark
Yes, so far the sky is still blue, the birds are singing and my garden is growing gangbusters!
I was worried too. Perhaps my next post will have us feeling a little lighter? A little more positive? I hope, anway
A sound track for apprehension? Pink Floyd was the perfect choice.

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