Lock down benefits ‘a drop in the bucket compared to the costs’ Human harm reduced to “collateral damage”and “bad policy

This study is partially from John Hopkins so they and their partner largely sugar coat the findings. One method of sugar coating is accomplished by actually claiming masks were beneficial, when they weren’t. Proven over and over and over and over…
However the fact that the harm and abuse couldn’t be whitewashed to the extent the colluding John Hopkins U would have most probably liked speaks loudly and clearly to the harm done


Scientists from Johns Hopkins University and Lund University examined almost 20,000 studies on measures taken to protect populations against Covid across the world.

Their findings suggest that lockdowns in response to the first wave of the pandemic, when compared with less strict policies adopted by the likes of Sweden, prevented as few as 1,700 deaths in England and Wales
The report authors said their findings showed that the draconian measures had a “negligible impact” on Covid mortality and were a “policy failure of gigantic proportions”.

Johns Hopkins is one of the most respected medical schools in the world and became known during the pandemic for its Covid dashboard measuring cases and deaths all over the world.

The study’s authors conclude: “The science of lockdowns is clear; the data are in: the deaths saved were a drop in the bucket compared to the staggering collateral costs imposed.”

The detrimental impact of lockdown on children’s health and education, on economic growth and its contribution to large increases in public debt has become increasingly clear since the policy was introduced.

Britain’s first lockdown, in March 2020, was introduced on the basis of modelling exercises from Prof Neil Ferguson

Neil Ferguson is a fraudster. On a mass scale. That’s my opinion. Neil Ferguson didn’t abide by his own lock down modelling so he could carry on his fling with a married woman.

Lockdowns ‘a failed promise’

Co-author Dr Lars Jonung, professor emeritus at the Knut Wicksell Centre for Financial Studies at Sweden’s Lund University, said the study was the first to fully evaluate the impact of mandatory restrictions.

He said: “It demonstrates that lockdowns were a failed promise. They had negligible health effects but disastrous economic, social and political costs to society. Most likely lockdowns represent the biggest policy mistake in modern times.”

Not a policy mistake. Mass human experimentation

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