Will Zelensky “Knock Out” Klitschko – no honour among thieves

Zelensky and Klitschko clash after death outside of locked shelter

Kyiv’s mayor, Vitali Klitschko, said on Telegram that the city has had “more than a thousand” complaints about locked or unusable shelters within a day of launching a feedback service.

He blamed local officials appointed by the president, who he said are responsible for looking after the shelters.

In response, President Zelenskyy told journalists: “Everyone will be responsible.

“The reaction will be firm… Russia, as the enemy, is not enough for us, we have internal enemies as well.”

Referencing ongoing disagreements with former boxer Mr Klitschko, he added: “I would say this: There may be a knockout.”

The country’s interior ministry said 5,300 volunteers – made up of emergency workers, police officers and local officials – would continue to inspect shelters across Ukraine.

So if anything happens to Klitschko- Let’s consider Zelensky as the prime suspect

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Hi Penny,
I am not a fan of boxing but I would pay good money to see a bout between Klitschko and Zelensky. I suspect that Zelensky’s dancing shoes would not survive the first round. Of course this is but a fine Sunday morning fantasy as the era of ‘fairness’ is a thing of the past if it ever existed at all. Still I permit myself a smirk and a chuckle.

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