Erdogan Wins the Presidency

Here are the latest figures

There are 1.94% of the ballots left- The US backed opposition leader could not win even if every single ballot was counted for him.

As a far away observer, reading news reports, I’m comfortable suggesting if there was any vote stealing it was done by the US backed opposition and their regime change consorts

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Hi Kaz
I’m afraid it won’t be that simple. Hope I’m wrong, but, I’m actually anticipating the US will up the ante- They did prior to and during the election and it’s very doubtful they will stop
btw, good to see you about! 🙂

I know what you mean. I am not going to deny that I don’t see a conflict rising up. But it would have been worse if the government was in the hands of the sellouts.

Yes, the conflict would likely have been worse because the sellouts would have done everything to help it along-
The Istanbul mayor is always blabbering in a manner that is, in my opinion, inciting trouble. So I’d expect some troubles to start there in the short term

Want to let readers know that when the Turkish election was on two weeks ago my site was attacked- consuming major a quantity of bandwidth- I wonder why it was that specific day? At this specific place?
I could speculate, of course, based on the coverage that day.
Anyone else?

Yes the CIA already tried to effectuate a coup against Erdogan in 2016. Legend has it Erdogan was warned by a phone call from Putin. (?)
The Americans and the Israelis certainly don’t want to see a Russian brokered rapprochement between Turkey and the legitimate Syrian government.
But the Americans and NATO have a lot on their plate at the moment so they will like;y be stymied by the strong mandate Erdogan just got.

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