Apocalypse: Operation Barbarossa

Really good read from Big Serge @ Big Serge Thought

Of course share some thoughts… I’ve posted a few excerpts below but suggest the piece be read entirely at the link above. Both hubby and I found it an interesting read.

This war began in the early morning hours of June 22, 1941, when the German Wehrmacht jumped off its start lines and implemented Operation Barbarossa. This operation, like the larger war that it inaugurated, was unprecedented in its scope. The German force numbered well over three million men – dwarfing the forces involved in the invasions of Poland or France. Even more uniquely, however, Barbarossa was an attempt to wage a campaign of maneuver and annihilation on a genuinely continental scale. The planned areas of operation ranged from the Baltic States and Leningrad in the north all the way to Crimea in the south. The entire battlespace was on the order of half a million square miles. This is entirely unique. Neither before nor after would any army attempt a fully continental scale operation – and for good reason.

Barbarossa and its immediate follow up operation (Operation Typhoon) are much mythologized and frequently misrepresented in popular histories. The most simplistic story that is usually told centers strongly on the Russian winter. The Germans, it is said, were on the verge of capturing Moscow when they were caught out by the onset of winter weather, which froze their advance and allowed the USSR to recover (usually, it is said, with the generous aid of American lend-lease). A slightly more sophisticated, but still incorrect story points to the decision in the early autumn to redirect forces towards Kiev as a critical moment – allegedly, this reflected Hitler getting distracted by secondary objectives and causing a fatal delay which left the Germans unable to reach Moscow in time.

The failure of Barbarossa was in fact rooted in the highest conceptions of the operation, rather than in the details of its implementation. Barbarossa failed because it was simply impossible to successfully wage a continental scale maneuver campaign in the Soviet Union with the resources available to the German Wehrmacht in 1941. Tellingly, Barbarossa achieved all its objectives – but these successes did not translate to strategic victory.

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Penny.. I would love to see you research into the ‘ICEBERG’ documents released back just after the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1992 that revealed that the Russians under Stalin were preparing a major strike against ALL of Europe slated to start on July 5th, 1941 under the code name ‘Operation Thunderstorm’…. It involved 9 Soviet armies of nearly 5.4 MILLION men as well as 25000 aircraft and some 20000+ tanks and aircraft… It was Stalin’s psychotic attempt to conquer Europe and crush Germany..

BUT the facts are that the Germans were aware of the Russian build up of OFFENSIVE forces along the border with Germany and its allies, and waited patiently until those Soviet forces were preparing for their launch by moving their offensive forces to the front lines in preparation for Thunderstorm… THAT was when those Soviet forces were at their weakest, and thus the Germans launched Barbarossa at that point and caught ALL of those offensive forces off guard and unable to stop the Germans from crushing them..

Operation Barbarossa was in fact the German action to SAVE Europe and destroy Stalin’s plans… Much is not told about how the Germans in the first few weeks of Barbarossa smashed 8 Soviet armies and destroyed tens of thousands of tanks and planes…. It was in fact the greatest victory in all human history and this one major fact that Hitler saved Europe with Barbarossa is NEVER told in the lying ‘history books’..

I have written EXTENSIVELY on this fact and I had all of the details as outlined in “ICEBERG” at my old blogger site.. Sadly that important information died when the sickos wrecked that site…

Hi North!
This is an area of history that is out of my league- Can you direct me to the information you’re mentioning anywhere else?
I’d read it.
And yes it sucks they way google took our blogs!! It still annoys me to this day. I can access my old blog still but I know sometimes google just takes them away and that is that!
big tech censor ship-grrr..

Sadly.. So much about the ICEBERG writings has now so ‘conveniently’ disappeared off the INTERNET..And it can be stated that was done intentionally as the truth about our history, especially during that time in WW2, has to remain hidden… If people ever learned the REAL truth about our past and what exactly happened in the Second World War, then there could be hell to pay for the criminals in charge…

Suffice to say…. I read the ICEBERG documents and the writings about Stalin’s meglo-manical desire to beat Germany… And WHAT is not known is that much of that Soviet offensive build up was paid for by the JEWS in America on Wall Street as well..

Hi North
I’ll keep watch for anything about Iceberg, but, you are absolutely correct that so much has been disappeared from the internet. Besides all our respective blogs- When I first started my site in 08- the information accessible was astounding. Now, it’s sparse. And most of it cannot be found.

YES, thanks for that one… It was “Icebreaker” and not ‘Iceberg’ as I had listed…. Me bad……

And yes, I read the document as Suvorov had presented that was online AND available up until about 6 years ago… Nothing much since..

It was a most damning evidence of the criminal insanity of Stalin and how he wanted to DESTROY Europe… Hitler saw the build up and knew it was coming and his pre-emptive strike SAVED Europe and saved possibly millions of lives that would have died at the hands of the Soviets…. But the world is kept in the dark to this day about this as fact…

Hey North
I went off to look up what you were referring to and came across the wiki link- and you can read it’s disparaging but that’s wikipedia (rolls eyes)
If you do come across something feel free to leave it here

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