Reaper Drone Crash & the USS Fitzgerald Crash

My thought line is based on information available to me and what I’m comfortable claiming as my own.

Other persons are putting forth their own opinions. I see claims of the drone being shot down but kept quiet As well as the possibility of electronic warfare. They could be correct! I won’t disparage them.

Until additional information comes to light, I'm sticking with the idea of incompetence, hubris, error, miscalculation– call it what you wish. Perhaps the drone operators were playing a form of chicken with the fighter jet pilots that went wrong. We know the operators of the drone crashed it themselves? I doubt that was the outcome they had hoped for. But it was the outcome they got!

At this point in time I’m doubtful that there was any contact between the fighter jet and the drone.

In 2017 the USS Fitzgerald crashed into a massive container ship. I wrote a series of reports on this crash. Initially the US media and other military PR commenters tried to claim the Fitzgerald had been rammed by this lumbering behemoth of a cargo ship- Laughable. But that didn’t stop spinners from spinning.

You can find the original report via the wayback machine here.

Once all the dust settled and the media coverage died down it became very apparent and for the most part acknowledged that the crew of the USS Fitzgerald caused the accident and was negligent.

Screen shot below link to another report I’d done on this ‘accident’

To make a long story short- the crew of the USS Fitzgerald was at fault. They failed in their operation of the warship and should have easily avoided collision with the cargo carrier.


Clearly sailors aboard the USS Fitzgerald did not desire this deadly crash. But their negligence or malfeasance resulted in the crash and several sailors being killed.

This most recent drone crash seems to follow along in the same vein based on the information available.

Feel free to share your own thoughts and any other additional information!

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