Quebec changes Covid Jab Strategy?

Coming hot on the heels of Medicago shutting down

Something is afoot. We’ve gone from jabs every six months to the original 2 are good enough because “hybrid immunity”

There is no need to get vaccinated if we have had the experience of COVID-19 infection and that we have been vaccinated so far, at least two doses,” he said.

Healthy individuals do not need another dose this winter or spring, he said.

The data suggest about three-quarters of Quebecers under age 60 and half of Quebecers over 60 have been infected with COVID-19 at this point.

“What we are seeing in the surveillance data and the effectiveness data is that people who have been infected even though they were infected prior to the Omicron wave, so that's over a year ago, we still have good protection against hospitalization and mortality," she said.

The pharmapushers are calling it hybrid immunity to justify the jabs they pushed. It’s really just natural immunity- The jab has never and will never provide any lasting immunity. It’s your own natural bodily systems doing what they do.

Pharma liars. Pharmedia liars.

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Nice way to end the week Penny. The news out of Thailand also indicates that the tide is turning. With so many young people experiencing heart problems the government has declared “vaccine” contracts null and void and unenforceable due to fraud. Pity that it took a ‘Royal’ person in a coma to push the government into a common sense move!

Hi radar
I’d read a bit about what has happened in Thailand. It does seem as if change is happening with the experimental jab. Let’s hope too much damage hasn’t been done!

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