Are Covid Jabs Fueling New Variants- Yes, Obviously!

And some of us have been talking this topic for a good long time…. The so called “conspiracy theorists” and “anti-vaxxers” call it as it is! Again!


Public-health experts are sounding the alarm about a new Omicron variant dubbed XBB that is rapidly spreading across the Northeast U.S. Some studies suggest it is as different from the original Covid strain from Wuhan as the 2003 SARS virus. Should Americans be worried?

It isn’t clear that XBB is any more lethal than other variants, but its mutations enable it to evade antibodies from prior infection and vaccines as well as existing monoclonal antibody treatments.

Growing evidence also suggests that repeated vaccinations may make people more susceptible to XBB and could be fueling the virus’s rapid evolution.

Prior to Omicron’s emergence in November 2021, there were only four variants of concern: Alpha, Beta, Delta and Gamma. Only Alpha and Delta caused surges of infections globally. But Omicron has begotten numerous descendents, many of which have popped up in different regions of the world curiously bearing some of the same mutations.

“Such rapid and simultaneous emergence of multiple variants with enormous growth advantages is unprecedented,” a Dec. 19 study in the journal Nature notes. Under selective evolutionary pressures, the virus appears to have developed mutations that enable it to transmit more easily and escape antibodies elicited by vaccines and prior infection.

The same study posits that immune imprinting may be contributing to the viral evolution. Vaccines do a good job of training the immune system to remember and knock out the original Wuhan variant. But when new and markedly different strains come along, the immune system responds less effectively.

Bivalent vaccines that target the Wuhan and BA.5 variants (or breakthrough infections with the latter) prompt the immune system to produce antibodies that target viral regions the two strains have in common. In Darwinian terms, mutations that allow the virus to evade common antibodies win out—they make it “fitter.”

XBB has evolved to elude antibodies induced by the vaccines and breakthrough infections. Hence, the Nature study suggests, “current herd immunity and BA.5 vaccine boosters may not efficiently prevent the infection of Omicron convergent variants.”

A New England Journal of Medicine study published last month provides more evidence of the vulnerability caused by immune imprinting. Neutralizing antibodies of people who had received the bivalent were 26 times as high against the original Wuhan variant as they were against XBB and four times as high as they were against Omicron and the BA.5 variant.

Similarly, a study this month in the journal Cell found that antibody levels of people who had received four shots were 145 times as high against the original Wuhan strain as the XBB variant. A bivalent booster only slightly increased antibodies against XBB.

Experts nevertheless claim that boosters improve protection against XBB. That’s disinformation, to use their favored term.

Oh there has been lots of disinfo pushed by the jabamaniacs!

Notably, workers who had received more doses were at higher risk of getting sick. Those who received three more doses were 3.4 times as likely to get infected as the unvaccinated, while those who received two were only 2.6 times as likely.

“This is not the only study to find a possible association with more prior vaccine doses and higher risk of COVID-19,” the authors noted.

“We still have a lot to learn about protection (lack there of and more accurately HARM) from COVID-19 vaccination, and in addition to a vaccine’s effectiveness it is important to examine whether multiple vaccine doses given over time may not be having the beneficial effect that is generally assumed.”

The Biden administration’s monomaniacal (Fanatical, or obsessed with one cause or idea to the exclusion of other concerns) focus on vaccines over new treatments has left the highest-risk Americans more vulnerable to new variants. Why doesn’t that seem to worry the experts?

Fauci LIED

Jacinda Arden LIED

Biden LIED.

Trudeau LIED.

Bill Gates LIED

Add to the list!

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Dr John Campbell analyses the Cleveland Clinic Report…o Rumble…can’t challenge “The Science” on You Tube

Vaccine doses versus risk of covid during the 3-month study period One dose, 1.7 times more likely to test positive for covid Two doses, 2.63 times more likely to test positive for covid Three doses, 3.1 times more likely to test positive for covid More than three doses, 3.8 times more likely to test positive for covid So compared to the unvaccinated 1, x 1.7 2, x 2.36 3, x 3.1 4, x 3.38 P = 0.001 means 999 out of 1,000 likely to be a genuine result That 99.9% likely to be a genuine result

This guy is a major reason why the Cretins can’t sell Vaccines anymore

Question: Why is everyone concerned about the overwhelming invader and no one talks about the weakened condition of the victim?
Answer: The answer is that no one reads “Nutrition and Physical Degeneration” by Weston Price, “Pottenger’s Cats”, “The Albrecht Papers” or “Soil Grass and Cancer” by Andre Voisin.
If one reads all four, it becomes very difficult to be concerned with the overwhelming invader.
I am not concerned about the overwhelming invader.

Weston Price- I should put a link here to the foundation and recommend Sally Fallon’s books as well.
Soil, grass and cancer got to check that one out too

No one talks about the weakened condition of the victim because big pharma prefers that be the state of it’s intended target- big pharma needs people sick and unhealthy

Hi Penny:
If one is going to read only either Price or Fallon, I would suggest just read Price. Fallon got her information from Price, but, in my opinion, she failed to grasp or stress the importance of the level of soil fertility that grows the food that the cattle eat. The soil scientist, William Albrecht, PhD, clearly helped Price’s understanding of why he saw what he saw. This is evidenced by the foreword to the supplement and one chapter in the supplement, both of which were written by Albrecht. To read Price and to fail to comprehend that what the people ate was not as important the ability of the soil, in which the plants grew, to create protein is a failure to understand why Price wrote the book.
There is only one dumb species that does not make its choice for food based on this principle.
“Soil Grass and Cancer” is out of print so it may be hard to find a copy. Perhaps there is an audio version available..

Thanks Gary
I’d never made the connection or disconnection between Sally Fallon and the Weston Price vision, for lack of a better term.
And it’s good you pointed that out- because she does talk very much on food/food consumption but less so on the soil health aspect of the food
I have Nourishing Traditions and another book (name escapes me) read some time ago and don’t recall soil health being really addressed- so good point.

Though I will say her perspective on eating properly is still very good. in my opinion

I search around for the other book “soil grass and cancer” might find something?? Or not!

” But Omicron has begotten numerous descendants, many of which have popped up in different regions of the world curiously bearing some of the same mutations.”
“Such rapid and simultaneous emergence of multiple variants with enormous growth advantages is unprecedented,…”

We know that the WHO / Gates Foundation / WEF / CCP / CDC and
NATO are funding bio-warfare laboratories around the world. One in
Winnipeg MB. Is it such a stretch to think that these new variants are
being manufactured to keep the profit / control agenda rolling?

Hi Mark

“Is it such a stretch to think that these new variants are
being manufactured to keep the profit / control agenda rolling?”

It’s not a stretch. Anything is possible. With the psychos in charge nothing could or should be discounted. That is no amount of evil doing by this sick crew!

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