Brand “Harry and Meghan” Royal Kardashians?

Let me state first of all;

I haven’t watched this trash. Have no intention of exposing myself to toxic refuse. So why post about it? It illuminates s statement often made here and at my censored site, that people need to realize everything is marketing, perception management and propaganda/persuasion. Everything.

In a nutshell- CTV

While the Netlfix series has soured the couple’s relationship with the royal family — perhaps irreparably — Maclarnan said it would likely help the couple forge their new careers as U.S.-based charity campaigners and media personalities.

"I think it will have built their brand quite well,” she said. “I think a lot of people will see their perspective more, but particularly (the) younger generation. And I think really that’s where they’ve always aimed anyway.”

Forge their new careers and build their brand- Marketing. Perception Management-

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