Jab Snobs? Discriminatory, Hateful & Prejudiced

Global study from December 2021-February 2022 revealed Covid jab snobbery

A huge global study has revealed the emergence of Covid vaccine snobbery


The study of 15,233 people from 21 countries, including Australia, found vaccinated people were more discriminatory about the unvaccinated than they were towards ex-criminals and drug addicts.

The study, led by Denmark’s Aarhus University, also showed the vaccinated generally hold more strongly negative attitudes towards unvaccinated individuals than the other way around.

Perception Managed

Authors claim vaccinated people were ‘motivated to exclude the unvaccinated from family relationships and even protected political rights’.

Incapable of critical thinking

But they also advised governments to take urgent steps to heal the wounds caused by discrimination on the basis of vaccination status during the pandemic.

Sad that the haters can’t self correct their own attitudes. Relying on government to stop them from discriminating.

But the new study’s results cast previously unpopular defences of the unvaccinated in a completely new light.

Those include Scott Morrison’s call in November 2021 that the unvaccinated should be allowed to order a cup of coffee if they want one – which was criticised by Queensland premier Annastacia Palaszczuk.

The survey also appears to at least partly support claims by fringe politicians and protest groups that discrimination against unvaccinated people was a real thing in Australia.

Real in Canada. Real in the US. Real in Australia and many places.

The ‘discrimination’ against unvaccinated people worldwide is so serious that study’s authors ‘urge authorities across the world to heal the cleavages in society left by the Covid-19 pandemic’.

‘The study shows that prejudice towards the unvaccinated is as high or higher than prejudice directed towards other common and diverse targets of prejudice, including immigrants, drug-addicts and ex-convicts,’ the authors wrote. 

‘In contrast, researchers find that the unvaccinated display almost no discriminatory attitudes towards the vaccinated.’

I agree with that. It’s more like a sad sympathetic feeling. Accompanied by the persistent question of why did these people allow themselves to be manipulated to the extent they have? It’s incomprehensible to me!

The findings directly contradict a public perception that ‘anti-vax’ and so-called ‘freedom’ protesters were antagonistic towards vaccinated people.

They also further strengthen the claims that Australian state governments overreached with tough Covid public health orders – such as thousands of fines, which were recently ruled invalid.

The negativity towards the unvaccinated was so strong their basic rights could be under threat in some countries, the researchers found.

‘A survey fielded solely in the United States as part of the overall study shows that not only do vaccinated people harbour prejudice against the unvaccinated, they also think they should be denied fundamental rights,’ they wrote. 

‘For instance, the unvaccinated should not be allowed to move into the neighbourhood or express their political views on social media freely, without fear of censorship.’

The jabbed have problems. Many of them.

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