China’s Zero Covid Policy Not So Different From US or Canada.


As protesters in China risk incarceration and possibly worse to demonstrate against the Communist Party’s “Zero COVID” policy, some in the United States are wondering how the lockdowns, compulsory masking, suppression of critical opinions, surveillance, forced vaccinations and closures of businesses differ from America’s recent experience — minus the extraordinarily harsh punishments the Chinese demonstrators may face. CANADIANS DID FACE!

“There’s a direct correlation,” Louisiana pastor Tony Spell told Newsweek. “The only difference is the confrontations are more physical in China, where with us it’s been lawsuits, time, intimidation and false imprisonment.”

US Protests

The confrontations have been physical in Canada. And financial abuses as well. Ranging from extreme fines to bank accounts being frozen

Ottawa protests and frozen bank accounts of supporters

Others say authorities in the U.S. (and Canada) were also guilty of “unprecedented censorship”, “trampling rights” and “bullying” during the pandemic.

Pastor Spell was arrested for the first time on March 13, 2020, when COVID was tearing through the United States, for refusing to close his Life Tabernacle Church in Baton Rouge. He was ordered to wear an ankle bracelet and confined to his house, while authorities installed nine cameras, some at his church, some at his home — including one at his bedroom window to monitor the whereabouts of him and his parishioners.

“They told us if we go to church we’ll die, but we could go to Walmart and liquor stores. and Planned Parenthood. We lost our intestinal fortitude to fight back,” said Spell. “It’s hypocritical and naive. You know who’s not naive? Those young people who are revolting in China.”

As in Canada!

In Spell’s case, he sued Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards and on May 13 the state’s Supreme Court ruled 5-2 in Spell’s favor, with Judge William Craine noting that it was legal for executives in a conference room to, in close proximity, talk, eat and engage in any other operations of the business. “However, if 10 of these individuals left the conference room, walked across the street to church, and entered an otherwise empty sanctuary building for a worship service, they were subject to criminal prosecution.”

Heavy handed censorship

Since January, 2020, Twitter challenged 11 million accounts for violating its COVID policy, suspended 11,230 of them and removed 97,674 pieces of content, according to information released by Twitter’s new chief, Elon Musk.

Maurice Monk, 45, was arrested in Oakland in June, 2021, after an altercation with a bus driver who demanded he wear a mask. Monk subsequently died in jail, allegedly after authorities refused him his blood pressure medication.

In April, 2020, a man paddle-boarding at a Malibu, California beach was arrested for violating COVID lockdowns. A YouTube video shows the man alone in the water with no one within 100 yards of him, until a police boat pulls alongside him and chases him ashore. A week earlier, a surfer was fined $1,000 in Manhattan Beach when he similarly ignored orders to leave the ocean.

In October, 2021, a 17-year old boy was arrested for violating a mask mandate at a school board meeting in El Paso, Texas, even though the board’s mandate had been suspended by a court a week earlier. The board decided a day after the teen was arrested to not press charges, according to ABC News.

One of the more bizarre incidents involved a man in New Jersey who was shot by a gunman in April, 2020. When police arrived, they arrested the gunshot victim because he was in his place of business, a recording studio, in violation of COVID shutdown protocols.

“There was an effort here to use the power of the government to get people to toe the line with vaccines and speech,” Vecchione told Newsweek,” noting that thousands of troops in the U.S. armed services received general discharges for refusing COVID injections.

Suppressing speech

The NCLA is among those that are assisting Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt sue Biden administration officials for allegedly colluding with social media companies to suppress freedom of speech. The attorneys recently deposed Dr. Anthony Fauci, though Vecchione isn’t at liberty to say what Biden’s chief medical officer said during his deposition.

Canada’s police repression in action

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The full deposition is posted in this article. Just reading a few snippets of it has my head shaking with eyebrows raised and jaw dropped in utter incredulity at how a man who knew it all during his covid reign of terror cannot remember any details of anything that might implicate him in something nefarious. For instance, as highlighted in the article, starting on page 19 of the transcript, note the questioning about EcoHealth Alliance and Peter Daszak. What a smarmy, wicked little weasel he is!

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