Flashback-French cement maker Lafarge pleads guilty to supporting ISIS

Then gets a slap on the wrist. Memories. Some of us have very long memories. Conveniently it’s not mentioned that Lafarge must have been paid for all the concrete tunnels that KurdIShIS used. You know when ISIS changed it’s costume back to the PKK members that largely formed ISIS.

Before we get to Lafarge’s slap on the wrist- Travel back in time with me to 2019-

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That’s right the PKK was using the network of tunnels

Wow, some of my outbound links are still live!- Fantastic!

Four current and former U.S. officials who have worked closely with the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) confirmed that the group built a defensive network of tunnels beneath key towns throughout northeast Syria as a contingency against a Turkish invasion. Now, with U.S. troops evacuating and no U.S. air support, the Kurdish fighters are successfully using the tunnels to defend the border towns.

The Kurdish fighters
“are famous for developing innovative ways to fight a more advanced army,” said a senior U.S. administration official, adding that “the Turks have been surprised by their effectiveness.”

Yah, not so innovative. (rolls eyes) They were simply using what had been provided for them. Same as had been provided for ISIS.

I ended my 2019 post with this observation

The latest

Lafarge pleaded guilty in a New York federal court to providing support to ISIS in Syria, marking the first time a company has admitted in the US to supporting a terrorist organisation.

As part of its guilty plea, Lafarge agreed to forfeit $687m and pay a $90m fine.

The French cement maker previously admitted that its Syrian subsidiary had paid armed groups to protect staff at the plant and keep the facility running, though it denied charges that it was complicit in crimes against humanity.

Lafarge did so much more then pay armed groups- This is a whitewash of reality. Undoubtedly Lafarge amassed huge profits for the military dirty work- In my opinion into the multi billions of dollars. Perhaps they did a little black market profiteering as well????

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While on the region.

There is something going on in North-west Syria.

HTS is going against the Turkey Supported Syrian Army. This all started happening 5 days ago. HTS claims to have taken position over a few area’s in Afrin region.

From what I get they are also fighting each other with weapons.

Hi Kaz
I’d seen bits of info about that. I’m not surprised that HTS would go against Turkey- Not sure if you recall but I stated at the old blog I was never on board with HTS being a Turkish proxy. They were always much more strongly allied with US/UK/France. Or NATO. And , my opinion, the gloves are off wrt Turkey and it’s cooperation with Russia

I do remember that.

And their actions have proven to be a pain since then. This was also the reason why I started to look the Syria livemap for the last couple of weeks too see what the movement are if the american, Iranian, Russian and Turkish proxies.

Specially with the Greece-Turkey and Russia-Turkey thing going on.

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