Pfizer Lied.

And so did many, many others. The most offensive of all?

Anthony Fauci- Fraudulent/Despicable. Which is nothing new for Mr Fauci however much Pharmedia granted him ‘sainthood’

Here in Canada. Trudeau and Tam. Treacherous

Albert Bourla (VETERINARIAN) is still lying. As are many, many others.

Bourla's the veterinarian and we're the farm animals. That’s a tell (an unconscious action that is thought to betray an attempted deception.)

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Hi Penny:
I was not being critical of you. The problem is not your saying it but rather too few people listen to what you are saying.

Hi Gary
I didn’t think you were being critical of me. 🙂

My reach is not great, (censoring algorithims don’t help) but, my hope is always people share.

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