Who Actually Kidnapped the Head of Zaporizhzhia NPP? Ukraine.

It was reported that the head of the hotly contested power plant was kidnapped/detained over the week end. Today’s the news report is that this individual has been ‘released’

The perception managing media wants you to believe it was Russia. Pay attention to the way Reuters presents the information?


“Ukraine said a Russian patrol detained Ihor Murashov on Friday as he travelled from Europe's largest nuclear power plant to the town of Enerhodar, where many of the plant's staff live..”

Ukraine said? Traveled from the plant to home.

“The IAEA said on Saturday it had been in contact with “the relevant authorities” without mentioning Russia by name and said it had been informed that Murashov was in “temporary detention”.


“His absence from duty in this way also has an immediate and serious impact on decision-making in ensuring the safety and security of the plant,” Director General Grossi added.

Gee, and what party benefits from seriously impacting the safe and secure operation of the plant? It sure plays into Ukraine’s hands!

The IAEA contacted the “relevant authorities” without mentioning Russia by name? Temporary detention? Clearly you are being led to believe that the relevant authorities contacted were the Russians. However it could equally be and is more likely to have been the Ukrainians! Why? Cui Bono?

Why would Russia even bother to “kidnap” this individual?
They don’t benefit. Also, Russia doesn’t need to kidnap or detain this individual outside of the plant. Which is why.. I lean towards the Ukrainians most probably detaining the individual for a couple of reasons

  • Score PR points by promoting anti – Russian propaganda via the 5/6 eyes media
  • Gather information- Terrorize this individual

The Russians have left this individual in place all this time to ensure the plant is running safely. Why on earth would they ‘detain’ him on his way home from work? Clearly he is free to go to and from the plant. Why not simply make it impossible for him to leave?

The first casualty of war is always truth. And this whole story comes off as absurd level Ukrainian propaganda- Period.

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