A Deranged Yet Totally Factual Account  Compiled Without the Benefit of Any Research Whatsoever  by Some Clown on the Internet

Ah yes the oft-mentioned “clown on the internet”, the one you’re never supposed to take too seriously. Yes,that one.

Apologies to my chilly friend (Winter Patriot) for not getting this up on the official anniversary. Believe me if I could have, it would’ve been done.

Winter was assisted by James- If you’ve spent any time here or at the censored version of this blog you will surely know who Winter and James are?

Written by Winter. Assisted by james. No Research Whatsoever.

Definitely not a run of the mill account of the day that lives on in infamy. Notoriety. Discordance, inconsistency and a lot of dissonace. Wait a minute ….Perhaps 9/11 is more of a run of the mill day than what is normally considered run of the mill?

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Newly Leaked Report From Rand Corporation Reveals The True Motives Behind European Destabilization & The Russia/Ukraine War

In a recently revealed research report written by RAND, dated Jan. 25, 2022 and labeled CONFIDENTIAL, John Mark Dougan has released what may be one of most important motivations the United States may have in encouraging the conflict in Ukraine: maintaining power.

Note that the RNC was not sent this report that was leaked online yesterday!

Hey Brian- took a quick look at the link and yah, we’ve talked about weakening Germany here – hat tip Kaz
Taking it further weakening Europe as a whole as well
Part of it has to do imo with ‘bringing up Poland’ as the new european power.. (speculative, but, I think that’s been a plan for while)

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