US Kills Zawahiri ?

This was a surprise to me. This news that is. Seemed to have come out of nowhere. I was under the impression Zawahiri was already dead.


While it is not news that Zawahiri is alive, well, and communicating comfortably, some terrorism analysts previously claimed Zawahiri was dead as recently as Nov. 2020. While not explicitly stated, Zawahiri is likely operating inside Afghanistan.

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Ayman Zawahiri, al-Qaeda leader & Osama bin Laden successor, died a month ago of natural causes in his domicile. The news is making the rounds in close circles.

I realize the issue wt such claims but corroborated it wt sources close to AQ (Hurras al-Din)— Hassan I. Hassan (@hxhassan) November 13, 2020

Nearly two years ago he was reported to have died. In his home. Of natural causes. A month after he had died. There were reports he was unwell.


I can’t take this claimed assassination as truth. It absolutely feels like a rerun of the OBL hit. Nothing catapults propaganda better then repetition. The assassination of Osama Bin Laden, on Obama’s watch, didn’t ring as true either.

The US needed some kind of distraction/win scenario. So they created one. This feels like a psyop.

Potentially useful as well for justifying more US activity in Afghanistan.

How you interpret it is entirely up to you.

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