Tamara Lich. 2nd Politically Motivated Arrest. No Freedom in Canada

Canadians, please do continue waving the Ukrainian flag while applauding the arrest of a Canadian, woman, protestor. You’re all so awesome- NOT!

Canadians who can’t see the persecution in these repeated arrests obviously have minds addled by the toxicity of their media indoctrination. Filled with the hateful us vs them, making them incapable of rationality. Leaving them, sadly, out of touch with reality.

Of course the arrest comes right before “Canada day”. The day we Canadians are to celebrate Canada, ya know the ‘true north strong and free”? Not so much. If ever.

When we think about the interference of the Trudeau government and the RCMP concerning the mass shooting in Nova Scotia.…..


Nova Scotia shooting: Trudeau denies meddling in police probe

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has denied interfering in an investigation into Canada’s worst mass shooting.

The head of the RCMP, Canada’s federal police force, has been accused of pressuring local officers to help advance Mr Trudeau’s gun control plans.

Commissioner Brenda Lucki has denied any meddling in the investigation.

The accusation stems from notes made by a local RCMP officer, released as part of a public investigation into the mass shooting.

Trudeau’s office, public safety minister accused of interfering in RCMP operations after Nova Scotia mass shooting

The shooting being problematic because the perpetrator was quite likely an undercover agent of the RCMP

The withdrawal of $475,000 in cash by the man who killed 22 Nova Scotians in April matches the method the RCMP uses to send money to confidential informants and agents, sources say.

Gabriel Wortman, who is responsible for the largest mass killing in Canadian history, withdrew the money from a Brink’s depot in Dartmouth, N.S., on March 30, stashing a carryall filled with hundred-dollar bills in the trunk of his car.

According to a source close to the police investigation the money came from CIBC Intria, a subsidiary of the chartered bank that handles currency transactions.

Sources in both banking and the RCMP say the transaction is consistent with how the RCMP funnels money to its confidential informants and agents, and is not an option available to private banking customers.

The RCMP visited the shooter at least 16 times prior to the shooting spree

It also details numerous visits made to the cottage by Bible Hill RCMP Const. Greg Wiley, who said he developed a rapport with the man beginning around 2008 and last saw him in 2017. Wiley was asked to follow up on at least one of the complaints against him.

The RCMP has a long history of…. corruption. Mobsters. Murders at the pig farm. Etc.,

That all said, we understand where the priorities are, of course. We can certainly understand where arresting Tamara Lich for a 2nd time would be the priority.

Tamara Lich Arrested

Eric Granger confirmed in an email Monday evening that they were awaiting further details, but the arrest appeared to be related to Lich’s bail conditions.

He could not confirm the location of the arrest, but another lawyer who has also represented Lich, Keith Wilson, said on Twitter that the arrest happened Monday in Medicine Hat, Alta., where Lich lives.

“We are not aware of anything that could have prompted this and are surprised by this development given the recent bail review hearing in Ontario where Ms. Lich’s positive record for complying with her conditions was one reason why some of her conditions were relaxed at that time,” Granger wrote in an email to The Canadian Press.

Oh, Canada.

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