Pfizer & BioNTech want emergency authorization to experiment on your children

Yup, they are looking for an EMERGENCY USE AUTHORIZATION, in order to jab small children with their experimental and non approved Covid jab.

That’s right. Authorized. Not approved.

Pfizer Inc. asked U.S. regulators to clear its Covid-19 vaccine for emergency use in children under age 5, a step toward giving the young children pandemic protection.

The drugmaker and BioNTech SE finalized their application to the Food and Drug Administration for emergency-use authorization for their vaccine in kids 6 months through 4 years old, the companies said in a statement on Wednesday. The vaccine partners began the submission process in February.

Pfizer and BioNTech announced in late May that a three-shot regimen was highly effective and prompted a strong immune response in children under age 5, based on early results from a highly anticipated trial that is likely to pave the way for infants and toddlers to get immunized.

Pfizer and BioNTech said the adult version of this experimental jab was ‘highly effective’ too. Also, claiming the jab prompted a ‘strong immune response’ in adults. Except it didn’t. That’s a fact.

From earlier today:

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