Russia/Ukraine 2nd Round Tomorrow: Thermobaric Bomb Used?

Don’t think so

I’ve read conflicting reports on the meeting location. Either Brest or Minsk.


After yesterday’s one in the Gomel region, in Belarus (see AVIONEWS), according to Ukrainian diplomatic sources, the second round of negotiations between Russia and Ukraine could take place as early as tomorrow, on Wednesday March 2. The news is confirmed by the Belarusian political scientist Yury Voskresensky, close to the organizers of the meeting: “According to my preliminary information, the negotiations should take place tomorrow […]. The first members of the delegations will start arriving tonight in Minsk”, he said. The table should be held somewhere near the Belarus-Poland border.


KIEV, March 1. /TASS/. Another round of talks between the Russian and Ukrainian delegations are scheduled for March 2, Ukraine’s Zerkalo Nedeli media outlet said on Tuesday.

Another Ukrainian media outlet, Glavkom, citing sources in the Ukrainian delegation, disclosed the terms advanced by the sides during the first meeting. It said that Russia allegedly demanded Ukraine commit to paper its off-bloc status at the parliamentary level and organize a referendum on this matter. Apart from that, the Russian side demanded Ukraine recognize the Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics in the administrative borders of the corresponding regions and drop its demand that Crimea should be returned to Ukraine. Ukraine, according to Glavkom, demanded a ceasefire and withdrawal of Russian troops from its territory.

NATO will not be drawn into war with Russia- not directly, anyway….

Speaking after talks with Polish President Andrzej Duda, the former Norwegian prime minister said it was important the US-led alliance made it clear it would not be drawn into a direct war with Russia.

Nato is not going to send troops or move planes into Ukrainian airspace,” he confirmed, after reporters asked about the prospect of attempting to impose a no-fly-zone over Ukraine.

Nato and Russia have almost 6,000 nuclear warheads each and a war could wipe out most human settlements globally.

Today Ukraine welcomed the transfer of the rotating UN security council presidency from Russia to the United Arab Emirates, though the latter — like most Middle Eastern countries, as well as India and China — abstained rather than back a US resolution condemning Russia.

U.S. protests Israel’s refusal to back UN resolution condemning Russia

U.S. Ambassador to the UN Linda Thomas-Greenfield protested to her Israeli counterpart over Israel’s refusal to join 87 countries in backing a U.S.-led resolution to condemn Russia’s invasion of Ukraine at the UN Security Council on Friday, Israeli officials tell Axios.

Live maps has been pretty poor

I don’t believe that Russia has used a Thermobaric bomb- That’s Ukrainian disinformation

Unless someone can demonstrate otherwise. Aspersion and accusations are not evidence.

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This is weird.

I think we are asking the wrong questions.

Lets setup the following premise.

Russia secures Ukraine. Ties between Russia and EU is severed.

Who benefits and who loses.

Hard to say for sure.

However I do think that is one of the objectives is to curb EU current and potential strengths.

In any case there are too many factors to portrait it correctly/completely. I have been pondering what to write down but its such a intertwined, reckless combination of motives ,ideas and executions. That I have no idea where to begin.

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