Russia /Ukraine Conflict Ends Covid Pandemic!

Just like that. No news. Jab talk dropped. Virus of the mind media has disengaged from spreading their pandemic of untruths. About the coronavirus that is. If the media isn’t talking about it does it exist?

The untruths have shifted to the conflict between Russia and Ukraine. This can sell more advertising at this time. And believe me it’s been all about the profiteering. AND Control.

That said I’ve saved a couple of virus stories

Maybe 20 jabs will do? How about 24? 30?

Negligible protection, people. That means nearly non existent. Almost nothing,,

The team also found that four doses had little effect on t-cell activation.

The study determined that the fourth COVID-19 mRNA dose, rather than boosting antibodies, only restored titers to post-third dose levels.

“Overall, these data raise the possibility that the fourth dose does not boost immunity but simply restores it to peak levels,” conclude the study authors, who hail from the Sheba Medical Center in Tel Hashomer and Tel-Aviv University. “It is yet to be observed whether the waning of this fourth dose will be at a similar rate as that observed after the third dose and whether it will differ between the two mRNA vaccine groups.

The study’s main finding, that a fourth dose does not provide substantially more protection against infection than a third dose, is of note as health systems across the world, including the United States contend with whether to advise multiple doses of mRNA vaccines.

And the third didn’t provide more protection then the first two. The sum total of all the jabs being protective is nearly zero. Damage to the immune system and bodily organs. Hidden. Unknown. Incalculable.

CDC has withheld Covid-19 data from the public

Last year CDC faced criticism for its decision to track only breakthrough infections that result in hospitalization or death. But according to a federal official familiar with the effort who spoke to the Times, CDC has been collecting this data on Covid-19 vaccines since they were first rolled out, it just chose not to release the numbers for fear of them being misinterpreted as suggesting the vaccines were ineffective.

Kristen Nordlund, a spokesperson for CDC, confirmed to the Times fear of misinterpretation was one reason full breakthrough infection data wasn’t released, and added that the data only represents 10% of the U.S. population.

The CDC was didn’t release the data because it would have been absolutely clear the vaccines were completely and totally ineffective. This was known, established and continues to be demonstrated. The CDC hid the truth- So they could enrich their pharma partners. That’s the only thing that makes sense.

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Something is bothering me. This is highly speculative, and I mean very speculative only to entertain a certain thought. We acknowledge that the inoculation probably has more to it than it is shown. For the enthusiastic leaders of many nations especially the west; if this inoculation end up like a huge detriment to the lives of its civilians and want to shift the blame. And if the conflict between Russia and Ukraine escalates. And suddenly there is an abnormal influx of deaths. “HEADLINES” **RUSSIA DEPLOYS BIOLOGICAL WEAPONS TARGETTING EUROPE MASSIVE DEATHS**”/HEADLINES” Might happen.

But in reality it will be inoculation related. Or inoculation plus something.

Like I said, highly speculative

This has been my line of thinking, Kaz.

Or perhaps it is just as Penny notes: they know the covid meme is dead and need another to misdirect with.

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