The Catastrophe of Canada

Rex Murphy ( his oped was featured earlier today) and Dr. Jordan Peterson

Some individual named Bob left this in the comment section at Greencrow’s place

It’s an excellent approximately hour long dialogue.

I’m awaiting the vote..

Trudeau is a narcissistic, shallow useless facsimilie of leader. His party, in hopes of preserving itself, should toss him to the curb. Alongside Chrystia Freeland. I’m hoping my Canadian counterparts, across this great land, join forces with those of us that are like minded to keep our nation together. Let our cooler heads prevail. Trudeau will go

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Well Penny, it is all really up to the NDP in the House of Commons. As a longtime died in the wool Dipper, I don’t think our chances are to good with Mr Singh, or for that matter Charlie Angus or the rest of the gang. Both Harper and Trudeau have run us into the ground. Makes me want to cry knowing my party will be hammering in the final nails in this coffin once known as Canada. Best of luck everyone!

Hey MK
I don’t think we can count on the NDP to do right by this nation. The NDP have long decided to hang their hats on ‘identity politics’ and war making, while they tossed the working class aside. It was a fact I faced some time ago as hubby and myself cancelled our membership and told them straight out there would be no more money for them from our working class wallet. They called for a number of years afterwards looking for donations and my answer was always the same- go back to your roots and I’ll consider it. Mr. Singh has shown no movement to do right by the working people federally. And here in Ontario Ms Horvath is a nightmare!

I think it’s going to be up to us grassroots Canadians to keep our nation together and dam the politicians entirely- why should we be interested in them when clearly they are not interested in us?

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