New Data Suggests mRNA Vaxx Works Best as 3 dose regimen

The data “suggests” this idea. So let’s understand the meaning of suggest as “an idea or plan for consideration” The data does not prove this is the best, the data merely offers up this idea for consideration.

Since it was previously suggested two doses were going to do the job, but didn’t, now three doses are suggested. We should all expect this goal post will be moved to the 4th, 5th and 6th dose being the regimen that works the best. Until they don’t. Then it will be endless jabs of compliance for your freedom. Reminiscent of the “torches for freedom” persuasion that saw women take up cigarette smoking and suffer the resulting increased cancer rates. Very profitable for big business including big pharma.


You’ll only be free when you break the chains that bind you.


A new large-scale study from Israel demonstrates a third Pfizer dose reduced Covid-related hospitalization by 93 percent, Covid-related death by 81 percent, and severe Covid-19 illness by 92 percent, compared with receiving just two doses. The study took place from July 30, 2021 through Sept 23, 2021 when the Delta variant was the dominant strain in the country for new infections. This is critical data, as the study does not just measure breakthrough infections but instead the rate of Covid-19 related hospitalization, severe disease, and death in those with only two doses, demonstrating the value of a third mRNA dose across all populations.          

Notice the very short time frame for this study- Just under two months? How long before the next study is released to show that yet again immunity wanes and yet another jab is required? You all know this is the desired end right ?      

The study published in The Lancet was conducted by Israel’s Clalit Research Institute in collaboration with Harvard University and compared data from 728,321 individuals age 12 and older who received a third dose of the Pfizer vaccine with the 728,321 individuals who only received two doses at least five months prior. Participants had a median age of 52 years and 51% were female. Data was provided by Clalit Health Services, which provides mandatory healthcare coverage for over half of the Israeli population.

Read omitted excerpts at link

There were 231 instances of Covid-related hospitalization for participants who has received two doses versus 29 instances for those who received three doses. 157 instances of severe disease for two doses versus 17 instances for three doses. 44 Covid-19 related deaths for two doses versus seven Covid-19-related deaths for three doses. The estimated third-dose vaccine effectiveness against admission to hospital and severe disease was similar between males and females, and between individuals aged 40–69 years and those aged at least 70 years. Due to the relative scarcity of events in individuals younger than 40 years in the study, the authors acknowledge that they cannot accurately assess the impact of vaccination doses on this population.

Over a two month period.

In the short run, at least we may need to become accustomed to regular Covid vaccinations, in the same way, we’ve already become accustomed to annual vaccinations for the flu. Each year, the flu vaccine primes our bodies for the most likely influenza strains circulating that year, provoking an initial vigorous antibody response and giving our long-term memory cells an indication of the disguises or rather the mutations the virus is wearing this year. It is very likely we will need to take a similar approach with Covid.

The New Normal?

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I live in the Netherlands, so your mileage will probably vary.
Youtube has a message attached about Covid and government
plus information. It is goddam infuriating to be so belittled.
Public transport was once public, now strictly masky masky.

The medical profession and it’s protocols have been pushed
aside and traded for WHO consensus by decree.

Jim Henson’s TV-show Dinosaurs had a working class dad
who worked for the WeSaySo Company.
We should trust and follow The Science, because they have been
so beneficial in eradicating inner city drug abuse and homelesness.
Next hurdle is nihilism or moral relativism (aka neoliberalism)?

Minor nitpick: Dr. B is a vaccines holy roller.

” Dr. B is a vaccines holy roller.”
Yes, he is. That’s plain. Still the way he shotdown public health as a “political body”- which it is along with his covering the massive harm down by the lockdowns made the interview worth listening to, in my opinion.

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