Mark Crispin Miller Pt. 3 Perspectives on Pandemic

A conversation with Mark Crispin Miller- Thanks to Wandering Citizen at Bit Chute

3 replies on “Mark Crispin Miller Pt. 3 Perspectives on Pandemic”

Thank you +++ for the most comprehensive, historically educational and succinct presentation I have seen to date. I am spreading this far and wide where I can. I have a clarity following your presentation that is like cleaning my glasses..:)

People like Samuel Jackson and other actors and actresses, singers, they should tell us nothing during this fake pandemic. They – more times than not – know nothing about what is going on with Covid, and are totally uninformed about the nature of diseases, the history of so-called infectious diseases, the history of vaccines, etc., etc. “Put on a f***ing mask”, “stay the f**k at home”! No one needs health advice from you dumb cunts!

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