Two Men in Japan Die From Contaminated Moderna Covid Vaxx

Reports are that this vaccine batch was contaminated. Quite likely.
Or they could have died from one of the myriad of side effects that come with this vaxx?

Forbes covers some interesting information in the article below:

Two men in Japan died after receiving Covid-19 vaccines from a supply of Moderna vaccines put on hold by the Japanese government over fears of contaminants, health officials said Saturday, setting back vaccination efforts in a country with a history of high-profile vaccine safety controversies

  • The men, both in their 30s, died days after their second dose of the Moderna vaccine, according to a health ministry statement.

Possible heart damage? Myocarditis/Perocarditis.

  • It is not known if the men died because their vaccines were contaminated.
  • It is also unknown whether there is widespread contamination among the 1.63 million doses that were put on hold after Takeda Pharmaceuticals, the domestic supplier of the Moderna vaccine, was told that some vials had contaminants.

The Japanese have low rates of confidence in vaccines ..with good reason

Japan has one of the world’s lowest rates of confidence in vaccine safety and effectiveness, according to a 2020 study in the Lancet, which speculated that public opinion may have fallen after the government withdrew its recommendation for the human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine in 2013.

In 1994, the government stopped mandating vaccines against common infectious diseases after surprisingly high numbers of meningitis infections in people given the vaccine for measles, mumps and rubella (MMR), according to the Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada. Support for the country’s 1948 vaccination mandate was believed to have been eroded by safety issues that may have been linked to a combined vaccine for diphtheria, tetanus and whooping cough.

1.63 million contaminated doses

Instills confidence in pharma’s manufacturing process. Johnson and Johnson had contamination issues as well.

More contaminated jabs in Japan

Japan finds more contaminated Moderna vaccines

Contaminants have been found in Moderna’s COVID-19 vaccines at a mass vaccination centre in Japan’s Okinawa prefecture just days after another fouled batch was blamed for two deaths.

An unidentified black substance was spotted in syringes and a vial, while pink impurities were observed in a different syringe filled with vaccine at the Okinawa centre, NHK reported.

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I think Japan is a weird case, because If I recall correctly there has been multiple sabotages to Vaccine-refrigerators. Like one instance where someone unplugged the refrigerator making the stored vaccines useless. Almost seems like an internal battle between 2 agencies almost. Or the common Japanese really hate their vaccines(with good reason).

Hey Kaz:
not sure on the refrigerator sabotage in Japan? I know there were reports like that but can’t recall any specific nation.
I’m suspecting the Japanese hate the vaccines.. wonder how much they were experimented on as they were interned?
Or could their collective memory of internment, fire bombings, nuclear bombs, mercury poisoning
make them more leery of these types of mass interventions

Thoughts on music?
It’s effect can transcend the notes and the lyrics. It can take you to a better place when you resonate with it like I did with this piece.
Interesting. The white on black was a good choice since “the norm” is black on white. I think it symbolizes that we, the alternative thinkers, perceive things differently than “the normies”. I’m not fond of images which flash by at lightning speed. This video had an easy flow which my old brain and eyes appreciated.
Subject matter?
Mr Clapton’s voice?
Impressive considering his age.
I loved it! Thanks for finding it, Penny.

As for the topic du jour. Did you see the video of the Japanese health minister commenting on this contamination issue? He concluded that he would strongly recommend Ivermectin. I was surprised he even mentioned that which shall not be named in our part of the world. I think I saw that one on yesterday but things scroll away too quickly there for me to retrieve it.

Hey MR
glad you enjoyed the video- and yes the white on black had to have been intended
It harkens back to 1984 – newspeak

” blackwhite means “the habit of impudently claiming that black is white, in contradiction of the plain facts.”
I did not see that video MR!

Want to mention I’ll be adding additional information to the post since the Japanese have found more contaminated jabs

I found that Japanese press conference BUT it turns out it was from February 9, 2021. This has happened to me a lot recently. I find an interesting headline and video/article, then later find the “but”. Often the term “breaking” is involved. I’m going to try harder to not jump to conclusions. However it’s still good to know that the word ivermectin is not forbidden in Japan at least.
(Scroll down to the correction.)

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