I’m back

Hey all,

Hi to old and hopefully new friends. I’ve been blogging since 2008. Yup, a long time. And then one day, shocking, my blog was gone. “Community Standards” being the latest way to control dialogue..

So, here I am.

As always politics, geo politics, machinations and more are the feature attraction. Good conversation and intelligent comment are welcome as always

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welcome back , was surprised when i went to your site and found you were blocked,think personally it is your articles about Kurdistan, Baluchistan and destabilisation of turkey. things are moving very fast with what is happening like the takeover by the Taliban, your analysis will be needed

Hi Papa Duvalier!
And it could be that, because that’s definitely in the cards.
Destabilizing Afghanistan makes Turkey less stable. I saw Greece had put a fence up to block the Afghani refugees from heading to Europe thereby forcing Turkey to contend with yet more people. And overwhelming proposition.
I’ll get back to that..
and thanks for coming by 🙂

Hi Penny,

Nice to see you up again. Tragic what happened to you blogspot, but since its a google platform it felt that you were on borrowed time for some time now.

But on some other note, its gonna take some time to get used to this layout and font. looks to big.

Hey Kaz

It’s going to take me a bit to figure this place out. So bear with me, please 🙂
And yes it did feel as if I’d been on borrowed time at the google blog…
Glad you came by!

Yay! So happy to find you! I have been reading your blog for many years, though I seldom post. I come here to learn.
I found you again via Nomadiceveryman when he listed your “new address”.
BTW, they were sort of “shadow banning” you for about a year. I had subscribed to receive your posts in my e-mail, and suddenly they stopped coming. I could not re-subscribe as it said I was already on. I would just manually go to your blog after that. So they have been trying to stop you for awhile. All the best to you – Annibelle (aka: Anne)

Hey annibelle,
glad you found me and interesting about the “shadow banning” way google was dealing with subscribers.
“So they have been trying to stop you for awhile” I definitely had that impression the last while I was using the blog there,
I’d got stung by the algorithms when those were changed. But then the blog was such task to use. Everything took longer to load..
Thanks for the well wishes. I’ve got to do some work on getting this sight my organized. Until then hopefully all will bear with me?

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