Britons are dying in their tens of thousands – but no one knows why

No one knows why.

The latest data released by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) stated that there were 32,441 excess deaths in England and Wales from May to December last year. These deaths excluded those from Covid. The shock revelation has raised alarm bells amid health professionals.

32,441 excess deaths in an 8 month period- Coming hot on the heels of a mass, experimental vaccine campaign. Move along? Nothing to see here?

Excess deaths are defined as the number of people who died above the five-year average – worked out excluding 2020 due to how Covid spiked death figures that year.

The rise in the number of fatalities could be attributed to a number of causes, however, it is not yet clear what's leading to the spikes or causing these drop-offs.

Jab and boosters?

Professor David Coleman, Emeritus Professor of Demography at Oxford University, told the Mirror that no one knew for certain what had caused so many deaths throughout last year

He pointed out that, post Covid, the UK’s population had been changed through the deaths of a significant proportion of the elderly due to the virus.

He explained: “Once those poor people have been packed off, the remaining population should be healthier, there should be a period afterwards where deaths are lower than usual but that hasn’t happened.”

He suggests it’s because the remaining people are older and fatter. However, the elderly and the obese had died during the ‘pandemic”. So that claim seems to be questionable.

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Hi Penny:
The Mirror report you quoted was published May 11th. By May 12th they had a culprit: “Deadly Salt Tooth”
— Urgent warning over ‘deadly salt tooth’ leading to thousands more Brit deaths
— Campaigners are urging people to curb their salt tooth to safeguard their health and reminding people that excessive salt can significantly increase the risk of heart attack and stroke

So, not the vaxxes after all. What a relief, eh? NOT.

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