Canada Sending 2 Warships to Haiti to “gather intelligence”

I do not believe that! Gathering intelligence?

In fact, I’d say what’s more likely is a planned for interference/intervention. That will come off as 'right place/right time, "necessity". And people smuggling, for humanitarian reasons of course (facetious)

During the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) meeting held in the Bahamas on Thursday, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced that his country will send two warships to Haiti to help fight urban gangs by gathering intelligence.

More specifically, these Canadian warships will have as their main mission to conduct “surveillance, gather intelligence, and maintain a maritime presence off the Haitian coast in the coming weeks,” as reported by AFP.

So their ‘main mission’ will be intelligence gathering. What will their secondary mission be?

It’s obvious that intelligence gathering is not the sole reason these ships are going to Haiti. Or the sentence would be written as follows- The Canadian warship will have, intelligence gathering as their sole and only mission while off the Haitian coast.

Lies of omission are still lies

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